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By | 10/04/2018
World Homeopathy Day 2018 April 10 and Health Insurance

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We are all aware of the fact that ‘India has a very rich culture’ and we as Indians shall be proud of it. Our history includes the marvelous practices regarding health and wellness by the sages and saints which have its effect in today’s world as well. Although we are living in 21st Century people are still related to the roots as India is blessed with great richness in terms of medical treatments like ‘Ayurveda’ and ‘Homeopathy’.

We can see that today, ‘Yoga’ has become one of the most trending physical exercises which are keeping everyone fit in a very natural way without any side-effects. 10th April is well known to be the ‘World Homeopathy Day’ on account of the founder and father of Homeopathy Dr. Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann’s 263rd birthday.

It is a privilege as an Indian to know that this 10th April 2018 Medical doctors and patients of over 42 countries are joining together to celebrate this big day. The Ministry of AYUSH(Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy), Government of India and Central Council for Research in Homeopathy is organizing 2-day National Convention on ‘World Homoeopathy Day’ from 10-11 April 2018 at Vigyan Bhavan, Central Secretariat, New Delhi.   

‘Homeopathy’ was invented by the Hippocrates and has also been recognized as one of the treatments with recovery from the roots without any side-effects. People can be seen benefited by the use of Homeopathy treatment still today in the age of highly developed treatment of ‘Allopathy’.

Medical Expenses is considered to be one of the most challenging parts of health and treatment.

How do we pay them within our capacity?

Isn’t it a big question in this expensive world?

Yes, it is indeed a major issue which needs to be resolved in the most possible manner so that we can make our nation a disease-free country.

You will be happy to know that Ayurveda and Homeopathy now come under health insurance plans. Although before few years health insurance policies excluded both the medical practices. If you ensure your health with a health insurance company fulfilling the prescribed rules then you will certainly be able to claim the insured money at the time of need. The rule can be stated as if the treatment is taken in a recognized Government Hospital. The treatment can also be taken in any institute which is recognized by the Government or credited either by the Quality Council of India or by the National Accreditation Board on Health(NABH).

Health Insurance covering Ayurvedic Health Care:

  1. Star Health Medi Classic plan covers non-allopathic treatment up to 25% of Sum Insured subject to the maximum of INR 25,000 per policy period.
  2. Apollo Munich Ensure health plan covers alternate medicines under Ayush benefit which includes Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and homeopathy for amount up to 10% of Sum Insured.
  3. HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha plan covers Ayush benefits up to 20% of Sum Assured.

Basically, by covering the traditional medicines, health insurance is covering a niche segment. In order to claim the insured money from the health insurance company, one has to be hospitalized for more than 24 hrs in a recognized hospital. Also to accept the claim some insurers make sure to look at the fact that the treatment is having some positive remedial effect.

Not only Ayurveda and Homeopathy, many health insurance plans cover Unani and Siddha treatments also. Coverage for Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy can be found in many plans under the head ‘AYUSH treatments’ as they are popularly called in short. Since Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) is a Central Government body it is easier for insurance providers to cover alternative medicine.  

Although AYUSH treatments are available in the health insurance marketplace, there are few things which need to be remembered. They are:

  1. The cover is not universally available
  2. The coverage is limited
  3. The treatment availed should be eligible

The premium cost for Ayurveda treatment coverage:

The insurers often charge a higher premium for plans that cover such treatments. The cost is greater than a regular health insurance plan. So, you can opt for such an insurance if you are a strong believer in such treatments. If you purchase such a plan with higher premiums and not availing to any other alternative treatment in case you need one will be a huge loss.

Some of the popular health insurance plans that allow AYUSH coverage ant the limits to the coverage allowed:

Name of the plan Available Sum Insured Range Coverage for AYUSH treatments
Star Health Family Health Optima Rs.1 lakh to Rs.25 lakhs Rs.10, 000 to Rs.20, 000 depending on the Sum Insured selected.
Apollo Munich Easy Health Rs.1 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs Rs.20, 000 to Rs.50,000 depending on the Sum Insured selected
Max Bupa Heartbeat Plan Rs.1 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs AYUSH treatments are covered up to the base Sum Insured
Religare Care Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.6 crore Rs.15,000 to Rs.50,000 depending on the Sum Insured selected
New India Mediclaim Policy Rs.1 lakh to Rs.15 lakhs

Up to 25% of the Sum Insured


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