Why We Celebrate Labour Day?-Money Mindz

By | 01/05/2018
Why We Celebrate Labour Day?-Money Mindz

MoneyMindz – India’s First Free Online/On-call Financial Advisory Portal –Why We Celebrate Labour Day?

May 1st also known as May Day is celebrated as International’s Worker’s Day in most countries of the world. The day pays a tribute to labourers and the working classes. Labour Day in India was celebrated in Chennai on May 1, 1993. The Labour Kisan Party of Hindusthan took the initiative. The leader of the party, Comrade Singaravelar arranged two meetings to celebrate this occasion.

This day is celebrated as the day for protests not only in India but also around the world. This is when the working men and women participate in processions to defend their rights and safeguard their interests. A number of labour organizations and trade unions came up with their processions so that the economic reforms they have proposed become effective within a short period of time.

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The Labour Day is a special occasion when people worldwide celebrate the true spirit of the working class. On this special day, the workers get together and showcase their strength which reveals how effectively they can struggle to bring in reforms for the working class of the society.

Everything began with the rise of industrialization. The labour class was exploited by the industrialists. The labours were paid barely in comparison to a lot of work which they did. They had to work for 10-15 hours a day in very tough conditions. The workers working in chemical factories, mines and other similar places suffered the most. The workers fell sick and many even lost their lives working in such pathetic conditions for such long hours.

After such condition of the workers, they finally gathered the courage to stand united and raise their voice against this injustice. It was a tough struggle as in those days forming trade unions and going on strike was considered illegal in many countries. Although raising a voice was risking their job, many workers came forward to protest against the injustice they were going through. So, trade unions were formed and labours went on strike. Rallies and protests were also carried. Eventually, the government heard their plea and the working hours were reduced to 8 hours.

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Although the history and origin of Labour Day in various countries may differ. However, the major reason behind it remains the same which is unfair treatment of the labour class. The class of people who contributed immensely towards the infrastructural development of the country was treated poorly. After several movements that took place against this in different parts of the world brought the change and this day finally came into being.

Let us all recognize this special day to appreciate the people working towards the society by contributing their best efforts. The labours are certainly well deserved for such a recognition and appreciation.  

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