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By | 12/03/2018

This is true, a very analytical question. One is working in a top notch company and got the job you wanted. You are also earning a good salary to fulfil your desires in a logical fashion. However, the major question arises, how you are going to invest your hard earned money in a logical fashion. Furthermore, is that investment is done, very secure/not secure?

1) Lack of knowledge-

 People focus on what they understand and ignore what they don’t. Instead of discussing the 10-year bond yield and comparing expected returns to one’s own YTD returns to come to a rebalancing decision, commenters focus on the definition of the word “rebalancing.” It’s much easier to try and discredit my view of what rebalancing is rather than talk finance, even though there is no rule on what asset allocation and rebalancing should be!

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2) Fear of investing-

When you fear something, you attack something. Why do you think some people who were deemed witches burned at the stake? It’s human nature to attack opinions of others if you fear you are being left behind. If you’re not up about at least 12% in 2012, you are underperforming. If you’ve got lots of cash sitting in a money market account yielding 0.2%, you are definitely falling behind. It takes guts to invest and put yourself out there. It’s scary, but if you never take risks, you will never make any returns.


3) Everybody is on track- 

Hopefully, this is what’s really going on with commenters who criticize and offer no details about their own investment performance, history, and balances.

Unfortunately, people in India looks very confused and also raise their eyebrows. They approach their friends, relatives and many financial agencies to get a proper solution. Again, being confused, lost and being scared are human qualities and differs, from person to person, and sometimes you may get the solutions and sometimes, you will not get a solution. The human mind is the ocean of secrets. At a certain stage of life, you can get depressed by the turn of events.

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