Why many people don’t go for Travel Insurance

By | 10/10/2018

Travel is fun barring the apparent risks associated with it without risks like loss of baggage, need of medical attention at the travel destination and flight delay/cancellation charges, etc. That is why Travel Insurance is recommended. Travel Insurance Company will cover the expenses you incur due to unforeseen events and emergencies. Best Financial Adviser Kuber Mindz Moneymindz advices every individual intending to travel to buy Travel Insurance.

However, some people love to learn things the hard way. Let us have a look at the excuses people give so as to avoid buying Travel Insurance. It is always in your best interests to buy Travel Insurance.

  1. Youthful and Healthy for Eternity

There are people living in a fool’s paradise clinging hard to a fancy that they will continue to be young and healthy for all eternity and are immortal. Such people give the same excuse to avoid buying Health Insurance and Term Insurance. When disaster strikes, they will be hit hard. Smart Financial Adviser Kuber Mindz Moneymindz politely reminds every reader that man is mortal and is prone to all illnesses, injuries and death.

  1. “But I have Health Insurance already!”

Another category of people consider having a Health Insurance sufficient for Travel purposes. Health Insurance is not a 2 in 1 package! Health Insurance will not come to your need if you get ill or injured in a foreign country or location not covered in the policy. Moreover, Health Insurance doesn’t cover other travel related losses such as flight delay and cancellation, loss or theft of luggage, etc.

  1. “What might go wrong?”
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Anything! That is why life is said to be unpredictable and this is why you need Travel Insurance. Do you know what precisely will happen a few moments later, a month later and a year later? India’s Online Travel Insurance Advisory Moneymindz advices you to give this a careful thought.

  1. Lack of money

Since you don’t have money, Mr. Lack of money, you should not only buy Travel Insurance but also buy Term Insurance and Health Insurance. Spending money on Insurance to protect you is better than having to spend it during emergencies.

  1. Inheritance

If you are one of those who have lots of money either due to inheritance or anything else, you should certainly buy Travel Insurance. Remember the adage, prevention is better than cure. Buy Travel Insurance and be safe rather than regret not buying it later. Patient Financial Adviser Kuber Mindz says that your forefathers won’t mind if you use a bit of their money for insuring yourself.

Avoid giving such silly excuses and buy Travel Insurance at the earliest.

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