What to Check while Filing Motor Insurance Claim Form

By | 22/10/2018

Everything seems to be fine until an accident happens that results in damages to yourself and your vehicle. God forbid you don’t have a motor insurance but have suffered huge damages. India’s First Free Online Financial Advisory Moneymindz says that Motor Insurance or Auto Insurance is essential if you have an automobile. Now if you have Motor insurance and the insured vehicle is involved in an accident, here is what you ought to do.

Make sure you start the claim settlement process at the earliest. Any delays will make you miss out on the insurance. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India doesn’t let insurers’ reject the claim just because document submission was delayed. But it is still better to go without further delay.

  1. Call the insurer and visit the closest network garage

As soon as the accident happens, you have to call the insurer and take the insured vehicle to the nearest network garage. The authorized dealer or garage has the form otherwise you can also download it from the insurance company’s website. India’s First Free On call Financial Advisory Moneymindz says that you need to obtain evidence that you sent the insured vehicle along with fair estimate of expenses for repair so that the amount be covered in your insurance policy.

  1. Add relevant details about the damage

Make sure you mention all details pertaining to your vehicle and the damages it suffered. You also must include bills of the repair of the damaged vehicle and also medical bills if you have incurred any. Be open about it and claim the fair amount of insurance.

  1. Keep a note of all details related to the location of accident
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A keen observation will go a long way in making the claim. Minute details must be furnished so that the claim process is faster and simpler. It could be any information, just note it down and remember it. Best Financial Adviser Kuber Mindz Moneymindz says that you must always observe your surroundings. Even small details can help you in some way or the other.

  1. Witnesses available

If there were any witnesses available during the accident, make sure you contact them and collect their information so that they can provide relevant information about the accident. Doing this is very helpful especially for you.

  1. Inform the police

The First Information Report (FIR) filled at the police station can be of immense help so make sure you inform the police. It is an important step.

  1. Take photos

Click photos of the location and accident site so that you can prove that it was the other party’s fault and not yours. Photos always carry extra weight and will be helpful.

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