Understand Your Travel Insurance Plan

By | 05/11/2016
Travel-insurance.pngThinking of taking that long due holiday abroad? Your children have just got their summer holidays. Its also so hot. Why not go abroad to a real cool place? Yes, a great idea, but do not forget your travel insurance plan.
But a travel insurance plan can cost a lot of money?
If you fall ill while traveling abroad, hospitalization can be pretty expensive. You want to avail travel insurance of around $2,00,000 to around $5,00,000.
But is not the premium of a travel insurance plan high?
The premium for a travel insurance plan, will cost you around a couple of thousands for a sum assured of around $2,00,000 to around $5,00,000, depending on the country you travel. Not very costly is it?
What do you get in your travel insurance plan?
You are covered for the hospitalization expenses, if you fall ill or meet with an accident abroad. Any loss or delay of baggage is covered. You lose your passport or your flight is cancelled? You are compensated for the loss. There is also something you really need in a travel insurance plan. You injure someone abroad. You could be sued. Make sure your travel insurance covers this expense.
What are the other benefits you get in a travel insurance plan?
You are compensated if caught in a hijacking. Lost your wallet and need cash in a hurry? Your travel insurance plan comes to your aid. Money is sent to you. Hospitalized abroad? The travel insurer even pays for a relative to visit you at the hospital abroad.
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