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By | 25/05/2018
Travelling On A Tight Budget

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We all are often busy with our day to day activities. Most of us love to travel. Travel is fun, therapeutic and healing! It lets you unwind and free. For me, travel is all about freeing yourself and letting your creativity fly high without any limits so that I get ideas for various things. Surrounded by gadgets on any given day, we rarely have time and opportunity to ponder. Travel, especially solo travel, helps you ponder over varied aspects and subjects.

Travelling will ensure you walk out of your comfort zone and explore places, meet people and so on. However, travel costs money. For someone like Beryl who has a limited budget, travel would be arduous. Yet, with some planning, you can travel despite being on a low budget.

1. Save money before deciding to travel

You don’t have to be rich to travel. Just prioritize what you need and save money. When you have saved lots of money, it is good. If you still have a limited budget, you have two choices; continue saving or travel with adjustments.

2. Decide your destination, aeroplane, duration of stay etc.

Where are you visiting? How long will you stay? Which airlines will you choose? Decide on all this.

3. Plan everything ahead

Ahead of time, everything needs to be planned. This will save time and costs. This means your travel duration, journey duration and costs, a location of your stay and travel, and so on. It is suggested that you plan at least two months before you hit the road.

4. Travel during the off-season

Yes, travel out of season. Holidays and vacations are unfavourable times to visit places. The travel industry makes money from festive seasons and holiday seasons. Select out of season travel destinations so that you can save money.

5. Be witty when you have to find accommodation

After all, you don’t require luxury hotels since you would be travelling all day/most of the day and return to the room only to rest. Look for cheaper alternatives or some relative/friends house to stay during your vacation.

6. Judicious packing

 Pack whatever you need so that you have everything you need when you travel. A warm coat, waterproof jacket, long jeans and so on. This way, you don’t have to be left with the alternative of inevitably purchasing a new one.

7. Smart flying

During weekends, the prices of flights are more. So try flying midweek, say on a Wednesday.

These are seven simple methods you can utilize to travel on a limited budget. With patience and planning, you can travel the world in full glory!

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