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By | 23/04/2018
Top Five Investment Ideas For 2018 – MoneyMindz - India's First Free Online/On-call Financial Advisory Portal

MoneyMindz – India’s First Free Online/On-call Financial Advisory Portal – Investment Idea’s 2018

The old fiscal year is over and the new financial year has arrived. It is time to see the asset classes which could outrun. You can take these five asset themes as investment ideas for FY 2018-19.

  1. India Consumer Facing story :

India consumer story has made it to its tipping point. Tipping points are nothing but distinct points from where growth has a rapid growth. These consumer-facing industries have their income from sustained demand for consumer goods, logistical efficiencies by Goods and Service Tax (GST) and digitalization which is making consumer goods accessible at a lower price point.

  1. India Agricultural Story :

The demand generated by higher rural income in rural India is not what we mean. That is demand. This is the supply part of the story. The Union Budget 2018 has assured peasants of Kharif crops minimum support price at 150% cost of production. He can include the cost of fertilizes, notional labor, agrochemicals, pesticides, and hybrid seeds. Maximum Selling Price (MSP) will be fixed at as a markup to the cost. The peasant will be motivated to invest more in farm support and be more productive. Investors might pick up the companies that manufacture products like fertilizers, etc.

  1. Gold Exchange Traded Funds and Reserve Bank of India Gold Bonds :

We are hopeful on Gold because it tends to outrun at times of uncertainty. The price of crude oil will get volatile due to demand and supply pressure. Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) are a good bet to utilize gold prices as a fence against global market volatility. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) gold bonds is also a good option. Consider it. [To Get Gold ETF’s Invest Options Advise Visit: MoneyMindz ]

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  1. Fixed Maturity Plans :

They’re nothing but debt funds which are close-ended in nature. The fund manager creates a portfolio where the bond’s maturity matches with the FMP maturity. This eliminates the risk of price risk on these bonds. When the interest rate goes up, the price of these bonds come down. That’s what price risk is. If bond maturity matches with FMP maturity there is no price risk involved. [To Get Fixed Deposits Investment Options Advise Visit: MoneyMindz ]

  1. Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) on global indices :

India is performing fairly well on a theme specific basis. We can still buy an ETF on global indices. Why? In a portfolio which is India weighted the global ETF’s let you an element of global diversification. This will decrease the overall hazard in your portfolio. India could be vulnerable to oil price hikes too! Moreover, economies like the US, Japan, UK etc. are seeing a revival in growth which will get reflected in the equity values. This way you can take part in the revival of global growth.

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