To Choose Right Debt Funds You Need A Financial

By | 02/04/2019

     We get to see that investors in today’s world give utmost preference to equity mutual funds schemes than debt funds when they ask to pick a fund to invest because equity funds gives higher return than debt schemes. But sometimes investment is debt schemes are much secure but sometime choosing the wrong funds not suitable to investor portfolio might cause some misleading.

If you invest your money in debt funds schemes either for a short term or for a long term financial objective, selection of a wrong fund or fund of inappropriate category have a negative impact on your portfolio. One of the best ways to avoid such risky conditions is when you invest in a debt fund is to seek professional financial advisor assistance in order to choose the right debt fund suitable to your portfolio and risk profile.

MoneyMindz, First Free Online Financial Advisors helps you to take a look at the benefits of hiring fund advisor to choose the right debt fund. Here are the reasons of seeking professional financial planner guidance to choose a debt fund.

Protects You From Misleading:

There are some debt funds that may mislead some investors on the basis of its name to a new investor, in the Indian context. If you hire a fund advisor for choosing debt, he with his experience will clarify all the aspects of a scheme which is misleading you by its name or category.

Clear Varying Behaviour Of Various Categories:

Scheme of different categories regarding mutual funds have various behaviour. Therefore, behaviour of long term dynamic bond funds is completely opposite to behaviour of liquid fund or ultra short term fund. If you’re in need of money in a next few month, your fund manager will not suggest you to invest in high risk funds like dynamic bond funds because it will deliver negative returns to your portfolio over 1-3 months time frame. If you prefer short term or credit opportunity categories for investment purpose, you need to pick a fund which is not only a good performer in the market but you’ll have to follow a single dedicated strategy to maximize your returns over investment.

Helping In Accomplishing Financial Goals:

A known fact is that a good financial planner always gives best efforts in defining as well as achieving your financial goals. If an investor has high risk taking ability, he plays an important role in managing the investors super and tax refunds by investing them with an appropriate strategy. The financial planner with his smart investment approach helps you to invest and save your hard earned money even in tough financial situations.

Clearing Debts And Manages Cash Flows

An efficient financial planner while suggesting you the best debt funds also makes a strategy to properly managing your cash flows by clearing your debts. He will encourage the investor to plan for future goals like retirement, child marriage etc by creating a pathway for you to reach there. A strong financial planner with his skills and expertise offers a pathway to arrange your personal finances in a better way. He will ensure that his planning will provide peace of satisfaction to the investor. As you might know that diversification of a portfolio is related to spreading of risk therefore, a strategic planner will be always prepared to bear all risk factors including risk of concentration in same category of funds, concentration in an asset class and concentration associated with investment style.


So, investment in debt funds requires a thorough research and also proper guidance by a professional fund manager. At the time of choosing the financial advisor for your financial goal, as an investor you are supposed to give preference to an investor having right skills and expertise to manage personal finances.

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