This Is How You Can Keep Up To Date With Your Investments

By | 12/06/2019

This Is How You Can Keep Up To Date With Your Investments

We all know that being a successful investor requires keeping up to date, and being able to make quick decisions based on the latest reliable news sources. So, wrong or outdated information could be the difference between a sizeable profit and a significant loss. Therefore how can the busy investor be sure that their information is both current and accurate? India’s First Online Financial Advisory Portal, MoneyMindz.comanswers this question through this article.

Follow the news

You get to see a wide range of conventional news sources online, on TV, on radio and in print. Therefore, online sites are the most frequently updated, and while it’s certainly worth following the better TV news shows and buying a daily newspaper with a reputable and extensive financial section, news websites are your constant, 24-hour information source.

You will undoubtedly have a few clear favourites, it’s important not to just rely on one main source for your news. One of the reasons for this is that practically every news outlet has its own in-built bias.

Filter and focus

You will have to keep going back and checking a number of different news sites is naturally time-consuming, however, and it’s easy to miss the important stories or pick up on them later than you would like. The active investor, time is of the essence, so to maximise this most valuable resource. It will give you all the updates from your selected news sites in a continual aggregated feed, meaning that not only will you never miss a story, but you also won’t have to keep looking at stories you’ve already seen.

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One of the alternatives is to use a news aggregator site or app where you can choose which sources you draw from and which subjects you are interested in. One can also download a news ticker that will scroll the latest headlines along the bottom of your screen while you work.

Engage with the experts

You can subscribe to a reputable specialist site that offers expert investment advice and up-to-date trading news is essential. As well as the latest financial news, these sites often offer invaluable share tips and ways to improve your trading skills, meaning that you’ll benefit from expert opinions and experience at the same time as getting the relevant facts to help with your investments.

Stay alert

One simple way to keep abreast of the market is to sign up for Google alerts on the commodity or market of your choice. Also financial podcasts are also a great source of news and analysis, and can often give you an inside look at important stories that you can’t get anywhere else.

At your fingertips with up-to-date information and the tools to interpret and understand that data, your chances of making a profit on your investments are vastly improved. So, using multiple reliable sources as well as listening to expert advice can make the difference between being on top of your game and being out of it altogether.

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