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By | 05/06/2018
Take care of your parents without going broke | MoneyMindz

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Let’s face it. As years pass by, as our lives become more occupied with higher studies and career, our parents are getting old. One day, they may find it hard to climb up the steps to wake you up with coffee provided to you! Rather you should go to them every morning and give them coffee at their bedside. How will you plan to keep them safe and secure at the same time without going broke yourself?

We take care of our parents once we start earning. But is that sufficient? What about medical bills? Now, you not only have to take care of your parents but also plan for your own retirement(retirement planning). Just because you take care of your parents doesn’t mean you demand the same from your children! If they take care of you in your old age, it’s good. Otherwise, you need to have finances ready. You can check the excuses people give in order to forgo retirement planning.

Firstly, you need to organize a day when you discuss with your parents what they plan to do after retirement. Your siblings and significant others are part of this too.

There has to be a healthy discussion. The older couple or parents have to be asked what their desires are. Do they want to move to an area close to their kid’s homes? Would they prefer to shift to a retirement community where they can interact with other seniors? What is their health(health insurance) condition? Have they invested money for retirement? If so, how much have they managed to save? You and your siblings have to decide equally as to how much money each of you will give your parents monthly. Also, decide in whose house the parents will stay.

If you’re the only child, you have to take care of them yourself. A nursing home is fine but only if your parents need medical assistance. Otherwise, cut this out from your list. If you cannot shift to their house, ask them to shift to your house. Take care of them.

If they live with you, of course, there are adjustments you’ve to ensure such as a walk-in-shower instead of a traditional shower, to make it easier for the elderly. Be pro-active while you care for your parents. This means you receive professional advice even before it is required due to emergencies. For memory loss, ensure you or someone is there to guide and remind the patient things which he/she forgets. Get a home assessment done. Ensure they eat right, get sufficient exercise and rest, and spend quality time with their children (you) and grandchildren (your children).

While you are doing all this, it is equally crucial for you to maintain good physical and mental health yourself. Your parents don’t want to see you taking everything in your head at the cost of your health, relationships and career.

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