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Tax Changes Will Come Into Effect From 2018 April 1 – MoneyMindz

By | 23/03/2018

The Finance Bill 2018 was passed on March 14 and it will become law by April 1 once President Ram Nath Kovind signs off on it. Once it becomes law it will directly have an impact on the taxes you pay. Some of the key changes include reintroduced standard deduction, tax relief for senior citizens,… Read More »

How To Save Tax On This Tax Saving Season- MoneyMindz

By | 16/03/2018

There is only one goal for a salaried or non-salaried person to save tax their hard earn money. Tax saving season is on for every salaried and non-salaried person. Here are some options where we can save tax on our hard earned money. Interest received from the bank: Off chance is there that you not… Read More »


By | 12/12/2016

Desire of human beings never stops; it is like flowing river unstoppable.  The amount granted by an institute for personal, medical, family and the repairs of the house, purchasing electronic items like computer, air-conditioner, fridge, for business and household use is known as the Personal loans.  Personal Loans-Grabbing the Eyeballs Various kinds of loans are… Read More »

Is Auto Insurance that important?

By | 19/10/2016

Is Auto Insurance that important? In india almost 300+ Vehicle accidents occur every day which would calculate up to a total of  54,000  per year which is a shocking number and that is what makes it important to have a Vehicle Insurance to pay up and compensate the damage. Just like a Life Insurance having a… Read More »

Why one shouldn’t just save money but start Investing smartly?

By | 19/10/2016

Why one shouldn’t just save money but start Investing smartly? Many Investors in India don’t understand that saving money and investing money are entirely different things.  They have different purposes, and play different roles, in your financial strategy. One should realise that making their money stagnant will only complicate and slow the process of Wealth Making.… Read More »

Why do most of the People in India Prefer Real Estate and Gold for Investing when we have other options as well ?

By | 19/10/2016

Why do most of the People in India Prefer Real Estate and Gold for Investing when we have other options as well ? In India it is evident that people prefer Real Estate and Gold for thier Long Term Investments. Most of the people do belive that they are unrisky and would support for long term… Read More »

Know – How many people in India have Health Insurance cover?

By | 19/10/2016

Know – How many people in India have Health Insurance cover? “Health is Wealth” it is been said since eternity. But how much of it do we really mean? How many People In india are covered with a Health Insurance Plan to secure their health demands? Report from the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence suggests that… Read More »

Retirement planning – Early the best

By | 18/10/2016

Retirement planning – Early the best Retirement is one of the most delicate stages in a Person’s Life. Your Planning must be supporting and cushioning against the needs at that time. Generally, People have a misconception that Retirement is something that needs to be given attention in 40’s or 50’s of their life. But in fact… Read More »

Know-In what ways and why an insurance agent may mislead you.

By | 18/10/2016

Know-In what ways and why an insurance agent may mislead you. General problems faced by the Consumers while taking up a policy or existing problems that a policy holder faces are as follows: Insurance agent neglects to mention all details of the Insurance policy. Insurance Agent sells you a policy which does not match your needs… Read More »

Financial Planning for Money Goals

By | 17/10/2016

Financial Planning for Money Goals Money is the most important thing in life and yes…. it is always in shortage. This means you have to plan for your limited finances. Remember the only time money talks is when it says goodbye. You may have a shortage of money but your needs only increase .This is where… Read More »