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Under Section 80C These Are The Best Tax Saving Options

By | 25/03/2019

         No matter how much we earn, if our income is taxable we don’t want to pay tax on that income. A known fact is that we hold a soft corner for our income. In this manner, we actually avoid paying taxes. You should always remember that paying taxes on time signifies… Read More »


By | 14/03/2018

Retirement is one of the major concepts of our lives in India. Consider a situation that you are working for a company, and earning a lot of rupees. After showing your loyalty to the company for many years, a final day will come when the sun sets on you. Yes, I am talking about the… Read More »

How money shapes our life? An amazing “money story” of Anjali.

By | 05/03/2018

Today you will read “money story” of Anjali from Pune. She is 26 yrs of age and just began her vocation a couple of months back. She will talk about her life travel till date from the money point of view. I mean she will discuss her view about cash, the episodes from her life… Read More »

Smart goals for smart young girls-MoneyMindz

By | 21/02/2018

Your twenties are full of the bucket list and huge decisions, when you are at 20’s and adult things start happening you no longer want to rely on mum and dad. You may not want to even think about money right now and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame you, With malls and e-commerce websites… Read More »