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Set Money Goals That Enrich Your Life-MoneyMindz.com

By | 20/06/2019

Its a known fact that at the beginning of the year, many of us set goals, including money goals. Most of us abandon our goals before February. So, even if that’s you, the good news is that you can set goals at any time of the year. You can now start over again. This time,… Read More »

Remember these points before borrowing money – MoneyMindz

By | 08/10/2018

Nowadays, taking loans is very easy. All you have to do is to approach a bank or financial institution for a loan. During festive occasions, borrowing money becomes more common than usual, as it is considered auspicious to buy new things at the time. Best financial adviser, Kuber Mindz Moneymindz reminds you to take informed… Read More »

All you need to know about Dividend Yield

By | 27/09/2018

Business firms assign a fraction of their output as dividend. The surplus amount is kept so as to reinvest in the business. The shareholders of the company are paid dividends. Best Financial Advisor Kuber Mindz brings to your notice that dividend yield measures the quantum of earnings by way of total dividends which investors make… Read More »

Begin Investing with Mutual Funds

By | 25/09/2018

You are an investor and you have no intention to invest directly in stocks and bonds, etc. But you still want to invest. Moneymindz, India’s First Free On call Financial Advisory states that you have Mutual Funds where you can invest and earn good amount of returns without investing directly in the market. A mutual… Read More »