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By | 21/02/2018

Your twenties are full of the bucket list and huge decisions, when you are at 20’s and adult things start happening you no longer want to rely on mum and dad. You may not want to even think about money right now and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame you, With malls and e-commerce websites everywhere, today’s young girls are exposed to quite a high spending choices ever. If you are one such girl who recently started earnings and is free to deal with your money, this post is for you!

It may sound terrifying the younger you are it’s better to start planning which will be benefitted in the long run.

There are however a few ways to plan out your finances for the future which are stress-free and incredibly simple and could save you thousands of years to come.

Save and invest smartly:

You should begin building your emergency fund. It can be as little or as much as you can afford, you don’t need to be earning a huge amount to be able to put money away and start a savings account. Establishing an emergency fund now can help you avoid amassing major credit card debt in an emergency. Save at least 10 percent of your salary every month to build your emergency fund.

Build Your Credit:

You may have a credit card from college, but now is the time to start making sure you are actively building your credit history. Your credit history will help determine your credit score, which in turn will determine your creditworthiness when applying for rental apartments, car loans, mortgages, etc.

Credit cards can really get you into a lot of debt if they are not kept under control and try to pay off as soon as possible, high-interest rates are never a good thing and so make paying off those cards your top priority.

Retirement Planning:

Retirement?? Yes, you read it right! Retirement may seem like years away, as you just began to earn.  It doesn’t matter! It is the time you should begin your retirement planning. Setting a goal with a long time frame is the most effective way to yield good returns.

Plan for Higher Education:

To meet your career goals and reach heights, you need to be constantly updated. You may have to enrol for new learning to increase skill set. Save from now to meet those needs without financial constraints. Especially, if you aspire to higher education overseas, which is a costly affair, start saving from now or Rather than hiding away from what you are spending by refusing to open those bank statements (I am guilty of this) it is very wise to sit down with a pen and some paper and work out how much you actually do spend each month.

Marriage Goals:

If you are one such girl who always dreamt of Big fat marriage.Dreaming is a natural phenomenon. Every human being contains a soul, which is immortal and invisible so, start saving towards it.  With right

investments, you could accumulate enough for your marriage. Plan for a honeymoon in your dream country! Why compromise with India’s Hill station.

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