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By | 08/08/2018
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    Man is very creative. The great people of all times have been poets, artists, authors, scientists, and so on. Works have been composed due to creativity and innovative abilities of mankind. Man has invented and discovered many things pertaining to the earth, the earth’s creatures and even the solar system.

Along with all the inventions come some of the newest ones such as Artificial Intelligence. Driver less cars and robots serving foods at restaurants are a few examples of them. Not to mention Robotic Financial Advisers.

For a brief moment, think about National Pension Scheme. It is a pension and investment scheme launched by Government of India to provide old age security to Indian citizens. You can plan your retirement through a secure and balanced market based return.

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However, not many people are aware of this. Some of those who are aware aren’t going for this scheme or haven’t gone there. This might be due to ignorance or even skepticism. They could be afraid of something they are new to.

That’s why it becomes easy for some cheats to cheat such people. In order to eradicate this problem and bring awareness among people regarding National Pension Scheme and what it does, Moneymindz, India’s First On call Financial Advisory has introduced an innovative concept which brings together finance and technology, Kuber Mindz.

Kuber Mindz is an Interactive Financial Advisor. He is Smart and Polite. You will be awed by his calmness and patience. Going to him can solve your apprehensions and problems as well.

You May Like This Also  Retirement- Expectations Versus Reality | Financial Planning | MoneyMindz is glad to introduce this new avenue and is optimistic about the same. Artificial Intelligence has been liked worldwide and we have begun to see the same trend in India. It is a proud moment for India and Indians.

Kuber Mindz is Robotic in nature and is preferred by some people because they don’t prefer Human Financial Advisers due to causes like high fees, fear of being deceived and so on.

This problem is completely eliminated by Kuber Mindz. He is unbiased so you can expect impartial advice from him. Moreover, he first listens to you and then offers solutions. His solutions are unique to you and your circumstances rather than being a “One Size Fits All”.

Therefore, you can joyfully depend on him for your financial needs. Ask him what a National Pension Scheme is, why it is important, what do people do with it, etc. He will address your grievances with so much ease that you will begin to count upon him for your financial needs.

You don’t have to go anywhere to consult Kuber Mindz. Just visit and he will be present right in front of you. For more information visit or give a missed call to 022-62116588

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