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By | 04/06/2018
Retirement Planning Advice | MoneyMIndz

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According to most advertising related to retirement, retirement is all about retiring when you feel like, and then spending the rest of your life travelling without a care for the world, having flawless teeth, hair, skin, body and health. Quite fanciful, isn’t it? Anybody who has lived up to that age and seen the reality and anyone who has observed the reality of retirement from a distance will say “Yes, the images posted by those advertising agencies on retirement are grotesque!”.[Get Free Financial Advice On Retirement Planning Visit:]

Now, who has experienced this? Retired people, evidently! The age of retirement varies in different countries, though. But all working professionals eventually retire (if alive, hopefully). Whom should you listen to, when it comes to retirement planning? Go to your parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts, or any older (and retired) person you know and take advice. Chances are they will offer you a more honest and realistic advice.

Pensioners and non-pensioners (but, retired) will know the practical way of retirement life. As of now, the Baby Boomers are retired. You can ask the Baby Boomer generation for advice on retirement planning.

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Certainly, retirement is not all about hiking in the mountains in a carefree manner or exploring jungles and waterfalls without worrying. In reality, retirement is the time you begin ageing, which means your health will decline as you age. Forget visiting exotic locations, you will find it difficult even to visit your son and daughter in law in Nepal or your daughter and son in law in Indonesia.

Today, there are many investment options for saving for retirement. You have people to advise you. But you have to know who has the right experience to guide you. Either retired people or those who have studied this deeply or observed how retirement life works can tell you what’s best for you.

You have to take out time to plan even when you are as early as 25 (or lesser, depending on when you begin working). Consult experienced personnel, talk to real retirees who could offer you an insight on what retirement really is and start investing.

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Usually, people trust less experienced people in such matters and make haste. Want to know the cause? They haven’t saved during their younger years, and upon nearing retirement age suddenly got enlightened and began thinking of retirement savings. Check why people forgo retirement planning and die young. When they have less time and are hurrying, they won’t take the time to sit and decide which plan suits them and this is human nature. We never stay calm when we are in a hurry.

That is why it is recommended to start saving early so that you take your time to judge which plan works better for you, where to invest, whom to trust and so on. You can ponder over it and evaluate. This will prevent any accidental mistakes you may commit if you wait and start doing this at a later stage with haste. Remember this adage. Haste makes waste.

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