Reserve Bank of India to Issue Rs 2000

By | 08/11/2016

RBI_19_7_2013-Reserve-Bank-of-India-JOBFORFRESHER.jpgThe Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will release Rs 2000 denomination notes in a few months, according to reports. Twitter was flooded this weekend with images of bundles of pink and white notes, which reportedly may be the new Rs 2000 notes.

Rs. 2000 note

According to some reports, the RBI is planning to introduce the Rs 2000 denomination in the Indian market in February, 2017. However, the news has not been confirmed by any official source in the government or the RBI yet.

The Hindu Business Line in a report on October 21, 2016, said the Rs 2000 notes have already been printed and are being dispatched.

While the news might be welcomed by several quarters, there have been demands that high-value denominations should be demonetized to curb easy hoarding black money.

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