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By | 18/09/2018

You have bought a brand new (or a second hand) automobile. You take it around to travel from one place to another. Maybe you want to show it to your extended family and probably take them on a long drive in your car. Perhaps you just commute from home to work and vice versa. One day you are driving (or riding, in case it is a two wheeler) and an accident occurs. Or perchance your vehicle gets robbed! If this scenario frightened you or made you ponder about what can be done, you needn’t worry as Moneymindz Free online Accident Insurance Advisory is here to help you. If you have an Auto Insurance at the scenario mentioned above, the Insurance Company would compensate you for that loss.

What is Auto Insurance?

Auto Insurance, also known as Motor Insurance is insurance for road vehicles. It is meant to give financial protection against physical damage to the insured vehicle or theft of the insured vehicle. It is a policy vehicle owner’s purchase so as to diminish costs associated with getting into an accident. Moneymindz Free on-call Accident Insurance Advisory recommends you to purchase Auto Insurance immediately without delay and also supports the decision that all new vehicle buyers mandatory need to buy Auto Insurance.

Features of Auto Insurance

  1. Property Damage Coverage

If in an accident, it is found that you are responsible for damages that have been done to another vehicle or property, this coverage will help with those expenses.

  1. Bodily Injury Coverage

This coverage helps you pay for expenses endured by the other party like medical costs, lost wages and pain suffered by them.

  1. Policy covers most natural and manmade disasters
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Natural calamities like fire, cyclone, floods, etc. and manmade calamities like vandalism, robbery, terrorism, etc. are covered.

Merits of Auto Insurance

  1. Survivors are provided assistance and benefits in case of an accident

Survivors are provided assistance and benefits when an accident occurs when they were in the car during the accident.

  1. Covers most natural and manmade damages

Theft, vandalism, earthquakes, floods, etc. are covered by the Insurance Company. But read the policy document carefully to know which ones are covered and which ones aren’t.

  1. Lesser worry

Confidently drive around (or ride around) as you know you have insured your vehicle. But ensure you don’t become a reckless driver.

  1. Legal requirement fulfilled

It’s a legal requirement to have Auto Insurance now while buying any automobile. Ensure you buy Auto Insurance instead of any Auto Insurance.

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