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By | 05/10/2016

We have all heard about the famous quoting that:

If you Fail to Plan, then you Plan to Fail

The process of financial planning is a complex task, money saving alone won’t constitute or justifies the term Financial Planning. Financial Planning involves saving money, investing it in profitable markets, earning through investments, investing in policies which would support you throughout your life span, Insuring yourself properly, Managing your risks and liabilities and Hence, Financial Advisory is utmost necessary while managing your wealth efficiently and at the same time doesn’t the advisory charge you expensively?

Of course, it would.

 So, what do we do?

Install MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App, Achieve your Financial Goals for free of cost and avail quality Financial advisory, Investment Planning, Tips on where and what policies/schemes to purchase, Tax Planning etc. Hence, MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App is one stop solution for all of your financial needs.

What do we do at has taken up the initiative to create financial awareness among the society. Thus, we offer free Financial Advisory and Investment Planning services to the consumers who want to safeguard their wealth and invest smartly. Ideally, we look forward to provide you with unbiased advisory service as our Expert Financial Advisory Team would lend you a hand in making your decisions better in terms of planning and investments in the products/schemes that you are in need of.

We aim at making every potential investor/policy buyer informed about the product in which they are going to invest money into. Ideally people buy tricky and complicated products like Loans, Insurance and Mutual Fund’s without knowing deeply enough about it. Outcomes of such negligence are very diplomatic. With MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App we educate people on the products that they are interested in and we make sure that one has no doubts of any sorts while making investments.

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 By this way we aspire to produce “Smart Investors”.

 What can one experience by Downloading Financial Freedom App?

  • Keep a track of his/her Finances
  • Monitor his Investments
  • Expense Analysis using Financial Calculator
  • Guidance From Financial Advisory Experts

What features does MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App Possess?

As title suggests we have just made the process of Free Financial Advisory simpler by introducing the app, nowadays smart phone has become the most prominent and portable medium of communication and linking, it is the sole purpose of introducing MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App. So that our Smart Investors can always intimate themselves with their financial needs just at their fingertips.

  • Easily Available App:

Available easily in Play Store, It can be downloaded for free and is Compatible with all Smart Phones Carrying OS-Android 4.0.3 and above. This app supports you to find an easy and convenient spot to acquire quality income through financials online.

  • Expert Financial Advisory:

Instant and Quick interactions with certified Financial Advisors of MoneyMindz through Chat with Expert option. Allows you to get in touch with us from any place as our Advisory team is ready to help you to get past your doubts. Get proactive replies on the concerns and topics over which you have questions about.

  • Financial Calculator:

MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App proposes a featured calculator for all of your EMI, Tax Evaluation and Interest calculation for various financial products like Insurance, Loans, Term deposits, Fixed Deposits and many more. Financial Calculator provides accurate results for all of your Expense and Transaction calculation.

  • Market News:
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MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App allows you to be updated with the market information and fluctuations by timely market checks. So that you can be aware of the fluctuations and regulations of the market and Invest wisely.

  • Multiple Product Options:

Avail benefits of 46+ financial products including Insurance, Loans, Mutual Funds, Capital markets, Real Estates etc. all around. With reference given to your Income, Expenses and Financial Needs MoneyMindz App suggests you products and helps you to develop your personal Investment Portfolio online.

  • Analytics and Graphs: Financial Freedom App analyses your Financial Expenses and projects it through statistics, graphs, and charts helps you to overlook your financial margin and priorities.

With MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App one can explore the benefits of financial freedom. Stand at the most convenient spot when it comes to Investment Planning by joining hands with the best investment planner app

Discover the potential of your assets by investing smartly in various products available through Freedom App.

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