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By | 21/08/2018

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     An Independent House, simply put, is a House that stands separately on a plot of land often having a house or a set of houses built one above the other but unlike a Flat or an Apartment.

With the decline of Joint Families and Rise in Nuclear Families in India, the popularity of Independent Houses is on the rise. Folks who move from one place to another want to build or buy new Independent Houses so as to begin their new lives in the new city. Moneymindz, Best Financial Advice

Why is this kind of housing important?

1. Customize it the way you like

Since it’s not a flat or an apartment, you have the liberty to choose your design, color, etc. You can have pets at home; you can keep a personal garden or swimming pool, etc. However, you alone are responsible for maintenance. Get Financial Advice on House Buying From Kuber Mindz or Give A Miss Call On 022-62116588

2. More privacy

Some people value privacy more than anything else, so for them, an independent house is better. A newly married couple, who doesn’t want anyone to interfere, can perhaps go for an independent house. Best Financial Advice, Moneymindz

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These are just some reasons why Independent Houses are great places. Nowadays, there is the abundance of information due to the internet. As Artificial Intelligence is also entering the scene, we have something to announce.

Moneymindz, India’s First Free On call Financial Advisory is glad to introduce for the first time in India, Kuber Mindz, Best Interactive Financial Advisor.

He is Artificial Intelligence, is Calm and Unbiased. He clarifies all your doubts without prejudice or hesitation. He will explain more about Independent Houses. He is so patient that you can ask him anything and he will answer it.

You need not climb up the Himalayas to meet him! All you need to do is visit www.moneymindz.com and he will be right there. First Free Online Financial Advisory

Globally, Artificial Intelligence is liked. We see Driverless cars, robots serving food in restaurants and automated robots providing advice and assistance online! Artificial Intelligence has entered India too and we are glad to see this. Online Fi.

We hope our services to our customers have become better due to Kuber Mindz. We at Moneymindz, always strive for you, the customer!  Interactive Financial Advisor, Kuber Mindz

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