Obtain a Loan Against Securities and take care of your Personal Finance needs

By | 28/09/2018

Life is unpredictable and there can be several changes in life that will lead to instant financial needs. Immediate necessity of money for a wedding, hospitalization or even a dream vacation can occur at any given time. India’s Best Free Online Loan Against Securities Financial Advisory Portal Moneymindz says that if you are a Resident Indian or an NRI above the age of 18 you can easily apply for Loan Against Securities. Loan Against Securities is pledged against financial securities like shares, bonds, etc.

You may not want to take a Personal loan or Loan Against Property but need money so you can go for Loan Against Securities.

What is Loan Against Securities?

Loan Against Securities means lending of securities by one party to another. Free On-call Loan Against Securities Financial Advisory Portal Moneymindz says that you can finance your money requirements by placing securities as collateral and getting an LAS. The security is placed as collateral until the loan is repaid. The pledged securities need to be yours legally and can either be cash securities or non cash securities.

Features of Loan Against Securities

  1. High-value loans

You can avail high value loans by getting LAS. This will help you deal with Financial Emergencies better.

  1. Pay interest solely on the used amount

Some lenders allow you to pay interest only on the amount you actually use from the total amount borrowed.

  1. Flexibility

LAS amount can be utilized for almost anything as long as it is legal and ethical. Interest rates are lower compared to Personal loans as well.

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Merits of Loan Against Securities

  1. Low Interest

LAS usually charges low interest. However, it is still better to consult your lender and see whether the interest rates offered by him/her are low.

  1. Don’t deplete your Emergency Funds

Use your Emergency Fund for some other emergency. Avail a Loan Against Securities for the current financial needs.

  1. It is a secured loan

Since it is a secured loan, the interest rates tend to be lower and you can take lesser time to repay compared to unsecured loans like personal loans and credit card loans.

  1. Quick and efficient

LAS loans are generally processed quickly. Therefore you can expect them to be quick and efficient in their services to you.

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