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By | 31/03/2018
Mutual-Fund-Investment-Schemes-For-A-Students- India's First Free Online/On-call Financial Advisory Portal, Best Free Financial Assistance Portal, Mutual Funds Investment Schemes For Students- MoneyMindz

India’s First Free Online/On-call Financial Advisory Portal- Mutual Funds Investment Schemes For Students MoneyMindz

You can open a mutual fund account with a bank (or) an offline or online broker also.

Before you invest, you should know what mutual funds are and understand the operational process of investing in it.

What is mutual fund investment An average investor can invest money in stock market directly or if not take the mutual fund route, which is to a large extent the best mode to invest in the market? People who do not have sufficient time to track stock market can option for mutual funds.

Students, now Time is on your side. You can invest a lot and can take risks. You have the ability to recover from losses quickly. Time is the best wealth creator when you are young and hence plan for long-term, to invest continuously, so that you can create wealth to meet your financial goals and also plan for retirement.

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What is a stock?

An ownership interest in a business is called a stock or a share. A business which is traded in public is called equity (same as a share).


How do you trade stocks?

Be confident in your abilities and place a few stocks. Then research about them. Do your homework. There is a difference between Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. Fundamental Analysis means looking at the cause of price change. Technical Analysis means looking at previous price changes to determine the future.

Here Sre Certain Tips For You To Invest:

1.   Always learn as much as possible. Acquire investing knowledge and techniques by reading books and articles related to investing which are reliable. This will come a long way in making you a successful investor.

2.   High-Interest debts must be annihilated Before making any investments, eradicate any debts which you still owe. Pay them off.

3.   Determine a brokerage firm You can choose either traditional firms or online firms depending on your preference and convenience.

4.   Enlarge your portfolio Put your money in various industries and investment vehicles. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

Some Of The Mutual Fund Schemes For Pupils Are:

  1. IDFC Sterling Equity Fund. (For Free Advice From CFP Visit: MoneyMindz )
  2. SBI Magnum Multi-cap.(For Free Advice From CFP Visit: MoneyMindz )
  3. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund.(For Free Advice From CFP Visit: MoneyMindz )
  4. L&T India Value Fund.(For Free Advice From CFP Visit: MoneyMindz )
  5. Franklin Templeton Tax shield.(For Free Advice From CFP Visit: MoneyMindz )

Investing In Mutual Funds Can Bring You Benefits, Some Of Which Are:

  1. Diversification: You must get a diversified portfolio. That can be as less as 500 rupees.
  2. Small money can be invested: You can invest money bit by bit. Start with 500 rupees.
  3. Stress-Free: Stock markets are very volatile so you need to be skillful in investing. But in mutual funds, the fund manager and his team will take care of your money.
  4. Tax Benefits: All investments are tax-free if investments are held for over a year. In Equity Linked Savings Schemes funds, one gets a reduction in tax.
  5. Liquidity: One can buy (or) sell open-ended mutual fund schemes any time. Choose equity, debt (or) balanced funds and then filter based on the type of funds.
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Once You Have Completed Shortlisting Your Funds, Check These Out:

  1. The Fund’s Past Performance: Over the last three years, five years and a decade, how was the fund’s performance? Check it and decide where to invest.
  2. Fund Managers Performance: Fund manager plays a significant role in the performance of the fund. So check his educational qualifications, past experiences and number of schemes he/she has managed and performed.
  3. Asset Under Management: The total amount invested in a particular scheme by all investors is called Asset Under Management(AUM). Choosing schemes having higher AUMs would minimize risks which might emerge out of any negative market situations.

Choose mutual fund schemes based on your financial plans, goals, investment horizon and risk tolerance.

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