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By | 01/10/2016

Practically anyone with reasonable wealth or a decent income could benefit from the services of a financial planner. Financial planner means someone with the expertise to make a comprehensive financial plan for an individual household. This plan must cover the household’s financial goals, budget, insurance and risk review, asset allocation, review of an estate plan and retirement plan. Such detailed planning is not likely to be met by brokers and agents interested in commissions on financial products they sell.

A financial planner has a wide knowledge of areas such as investments, tax planning, and estate law but is improbable to be the financial professional you require in these individual areas. Rather the financial planner can help coordinate your financial planning with your accountant, investment professional, insurance agent, and estate lawyer. The extensive expertise that a professional financial planner possesses will help you to ensure that your financial goals are met and that all areas of your financial life are analyzed.

Hiring a planner will help you avoid costly financial mistakes that could seriously injure your financial health. It would not be hard for most financial planners to find serious gaps in most household finances, gaps that are easily worth the cost of the planner’s services. Even individuals with expert knowledge in one finance field such as investments may fail to notice areas such as insurance or estate planning. A few people have the time, expertise or desire to do a complete financial plan for them. Saying that most would benefit from using a financial planner is not to mean that there are no wide differences in abilities and costs among planners. Few areas will pay wealthier rewards for the public than gaining basic knowledge in personal finance. If one is not careful, fees and commissions could cancel out much of the benefit of using a financial planner.

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