How money shapes our life? An amazing “money story” of Anjali.

By | 05/03/2018

Today you will read “money story” of Anjali from Pune. She is 26 yrs of age and just began her vocation a couple of months back.

She will talk about her life travel till date from the money point of view. I mean she will discuss her view about cash, the episodes from her life which moulded her attitude about money. What she feels about money and how a few occurrences profited is vital or not.

The unique thing about her is that she is from Money Mindz Team.

So I requested that Anjali think of her own money story. I think she has completed an amazing activity. This is the main post in the arrangement we will call “My Money Story” where anybody can contribute with their stories.

Over to Anjali from here. I trust you will make the most of her cash story.

My Story

I belong to a small community in Maharashtra, where a large portion of the general population are either government representatives like a teacher and provincial officers or government servants.

I was my parent’s first kid, so clearly everybody in my family had showered all their adoration on me. My family was not excessively rich, but rather it was fiscally sufficiently steady, so I never confronted any significant hardships in view of the absence of money.

We should put a limit on our needs-

Luckily, I was never a ruined kid because of this mentality.

I can recall plainly when I was a youngster, whatever things I required like books or other examination materials, my parents never gave me cash straightforwardly in my grasp. I needed to request it and after that, they used to purchase those things for me.

People around me-

I experienced childhood in a climate, where gaining cash and sparing it for future was the main motivation. They were fulfilled and had no second thoughts about this. Be that as it may, that was on account of “controlling the need” and live with the essential things.

My childhood experience with money-

One occurrence I can even now recollect that one of my companions had an extremely lovely lead pencil (lead pencils were exceptionally uncommon back then, we were “Natraj Pencil” kids ) having a wonderful less tied with an eraser and two little tweety on its top. I needed it so seriously, yet I didn’t have the bravery of asking it to my parents.

At that point, I understood, that my birthday was coming in 2 months and my parents, will purchase another dress for me. So I sat tight for 2 months. What’s more, when my birthday came, I requested that my folks get me that lead pencil rather than a dress. I can at present recollect its value, it was Rs.15.

Parents perspective about money-

Both my parents are a worker. They earned a ton and contributed it to just two objectives, one is my sibling and the second one is me. I had never observed them burning through cash to finish their fantasies or interests or even their fundamental wishes which were within their range.

At whatever point I asked them for what valid reason do they work this much hard and can’t set aside some time for themselves, the main answer I got was “On the grounds that we have to save and spare cash, for both of your radiant future”.


I started earning and my perspective changed towards money-

A year in the wake of finishing my PG, I began gaining as a specialist. Be that as it may, my gaining was very little, whatever I earned used to get spent.

Consistently, cash came in financial balance and it simply vanished in my costs. However, I was cheerful as a result of the sentiment independence, yet at the same time, something was absent.

I needed to acquire increasingly cash, with the goal that I can put something aside for future.

Before I joined Money Mindz group, I considered cash to be something which is to be earned and contributed, and not for spending it for getting a charge out of life.

I used to hear my colleagues conversing with customers about their ventures for their objectives. At first, I was totally unconscious about objective based contributing, which is what is polished at Money Mindz.


My current opinion about money-

I saw everybody around me simply winning and passing on to future age by trading off on their wants and wishes.

In the event that I gain a ton of money simply like my parents did and in future age (my child) likewise, acquire his own particular cash then what will occur with my speculations or investment funds?

How I feel after sharing my story-

When I took this post to compose on, at first I figured I will most likely be unable to compose much on this theme. In any case, once I really began keeping in touch with, it turned out to be more energizing than I contemplated it.

Presently when I read this article myself, I have a feeling that I was a totally different individual previously. Every one of these progressions happened due to the encounters in various circumstances and nature where we live.

This was my experience about money for the duration of my life. Presently, I am more anxious to contribute.

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