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By | 14/08/2018


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   Humanity is curious and creative in nature and so has it been since the dawn of mankind. This innate creativity and curiosity has led to various discoveries and inventions, which continue to happen to this day and time.

Today, technology has advanced so much that we also see robots serving in restaurants, driver less cars and automated advisers offering advice online.

A Mutual Fund is a skillfully handled investment fund which pools money from several investors to buy securities. These investors may be retail or institutional in nature. There is more diversification of funds and is managed by a fund manager. Investing is done in securities like stocks and bonds, money market instruments and other assets. Get Personalized On Mutual Funds From Kuber Mindz, MoneyMindz or Give A Miss Call On 022-62116588

Mutual Funds are not something new to people. Yet, it is not completely familiar with some people too! Certain people aren’t aware of mutual funds, how they function, and so on. Such people tend to have misinformed ideas and pre-conceived notions about mutual funds that may or may not be true. This could be due to fear or even ignorance.

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Maybe they themselves had a bad experience while dealing with finances. Probably they heard/saw someone else have a bad experience while dealing with finances. They might even be biased and show no interest in Mutual Funds or Finances for reasons best known to them.

Whatever be the reason, this ignorance is perilous! Ignorance might be bliss according to Thomas Gray in his poem “Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College”. But when it comes finances, ignorance is not bliss!

Moneymindz, India’s First Financial Advisory Portal, has come up with an innovative idea to remove this ignorance and help people make better financial decisions, Kuber Mindz, a Sharp-witted Financial Advisor!

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He isn’t biased and doesn’t charge heavy fees. He is a Friendly Financial Advisor and is well known for his patience. He will calmly listen to your apprehensions and then offer unique solutions that are distinct in nature.

You can clarify all your doubts with absolutely no hesitation. If you have doubts regarding Finance and Mutual Funds, all you have to do is visit and Kuber Mindz would welcome you there. You can be of any age group, that ain’t not an issue. Kuber Mindz would still be glad to help you in this regard.

This initiative taken up by will take Artificial Intelligence to a whole new level with its introduction in India for the first time. The world prefers Artificial Intelligence and that trend has begun in India too. As Indians, you and I should be glad to see this unique development.

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