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By | 13/08/2018

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    Technology has improved a lot and continues to improve. Today, we hear of Artificial Intelligence and robots, such as driverless cars, robots serving food at restaurants and Automated Advisers issuing advice’s online. Get Personalized On Credit Cards From Kuber Mindz MoneyMindz or Give A Miss Call On 022-62116588

A credit card is a payment card provided to users so as to enable them to pay a seller for goods and services purchased from him/her based on the cardholders promise to the card issuer to pay them for the goods and service amounts apart from the other charges.

Many people misinterpret credit cards in different ways, due to ignorance, fear and/or suspicion. For instance, some people complain about “debt traps” due to credit card usage. The reason most of them have credit debt is that they have misused their credit, overused their credit and haven’t been paying the credit card company at all! Smart Financial Advisory Kuber Mindz

Similar doubts and misgivings are present in people. This ignorance can be fatal for them in financial matters. To make them financially aware, a new and innovative step has been taken!

Moneymindz, India’s First On call Financial Advisory Portal, has taken up a fantastic initiative, Kuber Mindz, a Patient Financial Advisor!

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He listens to your apprehensions calmly and offers distinct solutions. Unbiased, he gives proper information without charging heavy rates. He listens to all your apprehensions and clarifies your doubts. He offers distinct solutions that are unique to you and your problems.

He will explain everything about credit cards and why they are used. He will also advice you how to use them. He is so Smart and Friendly! Apart from that, he is really cute! So you ought to visit him and talk to him. All your fears can now pack up their bags and be prepared to leave! Interactive Financial Advisory Kuber Mindz

No need to hesitate to contact Kuber Mindz as all it takes is having a genuine doubt on finances to ask him. No need to be of a particular age too, as all age groups can contact him. He will happily explain even the basic concepts.

Just visit and see for yourself. Kuber Mindz will welcome you and would be ready to talk to you.

Artificial Intelligence is recognized globally and we are seeing the same in India too. There is optimism about this change which is certainly welcome.

For more information visit or give a missed call to 022-62116588

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