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By | 27/03/2019

If you look around you can see vehicles on the road increasing at a quick rate, as a result traffic conditions have been getting worse and road accidents have become a common occurrence. If you are planning to buy a car then buying a comprehensive car insurance policy is a good choice. It is imperative to have a comprehensive car insurance policy as it protects you from any unforeseen damage. Basically this is as the repair and replacement costs are usually very high., Best On-Call Financial Advisory Portal guides you with some smart tips in order to make a successful car insurance claim.

While making an insurance claim remember these steps

Steps to be remembered while making an insurance claim after an accident have been listed below:

Informing the Insurance Company

This can be termed as the first step that needs to be followed when your car has been involved in an accident. You will find there are some insurance companies who have stringent rules mentioned in the policy document. You may lose the claim if you fail to inform the insurance company about the accident within 48 to 72 hours. You are supposed to make the claim as soon as possible so that no problems come up during the claim process. The insurance company can be seen asking for details like policy number, accident date and time. If you are looking to file a claim, keep these details handy.

Reporting to the police

You will be required to file an FIR with the police or else your claim might not be settled at times in case of an accident. Usually it is not mandatory to file an FIR for accidents to make a claim. But it is always advisable to file and keep a copy of the FIR as most insurance companies ask for it.

Taking the car to the nearest garage

Depending on the damages you can drive your car to the nearest garage for repairing the vehicle. An inspection of the car will generally be scheduled to know the extent of damage after notifying the insurer. A surveyor can be seen coming to evaluate the extent of damage to the vehicle. You can be directed to the nearest network garage to get started with the repairs. You should submit all the necessary documents at the garage so that they can receive the amount from the insurer based on the criteria that have been listed in your document.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Opting For A Car Insurance Policy

Making an insurance claim successfully is something everyone should know, but you can still follow some tips before you buy the policy so that you are safe if a need arises for you to make a claim. Things you can keep in mind before buying the policy have been listed below:

You are supposed to do research before picking the insurance company most suitable to your needs.

You need to check if the claim process with the insurer is hassle-free.

Checking the claim settlement ratio of the insurer before going ahead and buying a policy is very important.

You need to make sure that you remember these points when you are planning to file a car insurance claim. It is imperative to know what incidents are included and excluded in your policy. You need to read the policy wordings and make claims only for those issues that are included in your policy.

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