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By | 17/08/2018

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What came to your mind when you read “Contra Funds”?

A Contra Fund is a Fund with a different investment style. If you are the manager of a contra fund, this is what you do. You keep stakes against the rampant market trends by purchasing assets which either under perform or are depressed at that point of time.

This is done with the perception that herd mentality of investors will result in mispricing of assets resulting in chances for more returns.

See how simple it is now. Yet many people call Finances “boring” and “difficult to understand”. This is because they don’t even think in the first place. They aren’t open, curious and interested. They aren’t creative enough to establish connections which make it easier for them to learn, understand and remember concepts. Get Personalized Advice On Mutual Fund From Kuber Mindz or Give A Miss On 022 6211 6588

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They hardly make efforts to learn anything. Then, when cheats take advantage of their ignorance and cheat them, they play the victim card and blame everything under the sun, from finances to destiny. Such people spread a vicious cycle by complaining to others how they got cheated, but seldom do they take the blame. Smart Financial Advisor 

This is where the real problem strikes in. It is said in a well-known book “The one who is ignorant, who does not have trust and who is a skeptic perish. They do not have this ordinary life or the higher life. There is no sense of well-being for such people.”

Moneymindz, India’s Free On call Financial Advisory has a solution for this problem. You want finances to be explained in an interesting manner, right?

Introducing to you, Kuber Mindz, India’s First Smart Financial Advisor. He is Interactive and Friendly in nature. He is Pragmatic is nature and will keep you engaged in conversations.

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He doesn’t carry prejudice of any sort and is very patient. He calmly listens to your problems and will clarify all your doubts. His solutions are unique to you and your problems. You can get all your doubts clarified from him. He will tell you what a Money Market Fund is, what its functions are, etc.

He is Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence is being used for the First time in India. Many of our clients have praised this bold initiative. Apart from worldwide recognition, Artificial Intelligence has gained recognition in India ass well. Friendly Financial Advisor

You just need to visit www.moneymindz.com to interact with Kuber Mindz. No high fees.

Let’s strive for a more advanced India and make our leaders proud. Make good use of Kuber Mindz and spread awareness about finances. Remember what our leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji, Subhas Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, APJ Abdul Kalam, Vallabhai Patel, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and many others dreamt about the India they had in vision.

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