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Money is the component used in order to purchase various products under the sun. Imagine a life without money, very disgusting. It is rightly said by one scholar that “When You Have Money, You Will Forget Who You Are, When You Do Not Have Money, People Will Forget Who You Are”.  So please do come to Moneymindz, to give value for your money.  Do not be like, Mr. Vineet, who invested his hard earned money, without proper verification.

Various Financial Products Handled By Moneymindz:

Various financial products are handled by Moneymindz. Some of them are given below as follows:

Investment: A unique asset purchased with the opinion that asset will provide income to the customer in the future is known as investments. It revolves around the principle of obtaining additional profit/income.

Some of the interesting investment products offered by Moneymindz are given below as follows:

MUTUAL FUNDS:  Process of pooling the money from various investors, willing to deposit and save money is mutual funds. Two types of Mutual Funds are:

Open Ended Mutual Funds:  Play a major role in allowing the investors to buy/sell products at anytime. Furthermore, it does not have fixed maturity rates.

Debt/Income: A major concept of the investment is used to purchase the government securities, debentures, instruments like bonds, certificates, mortgages and certificates.

Sectoral Funds: Fund used in various segment like the IT, Fisheries, Engineering, Oil and Gas, Steel, is known as the Sectoral funds. It has got higher returns.

Money Market/Liquid: Most of the investors will make full use of extra funds to have a higher/better investment options.

Growth/Equity: Equities are the major category of the mutual funds. Most of the investors, will expect capital growth/development in long process.

Close Ended Mutual Funds: These kinds of mutual fund has got good maturity period. It is also known by New Fund Offer (NFO).

Capital Protection:  Primary objective is to protect your main amount, while trying to deliver good returns.

Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP) : These are mutual funds with definite maturity period and deal with instruments, falling in line with schemes.


A unique contract in which the person will sign the contract with the insurance company to protect his/her life in exchange of premium is known as the life insurance.

Types of Life Insurance:

Some of the types of life insurance are as follows:

Term Life Insurance: A unique life insurance product given by insurance companies offering financial coverage to the policyholder.

Whole Life Policy: Policyholder            pays the regular premium, till his/her death. Later the benefits are paid to his family members/relatives.

Endowment Plans: Under this scheme, the returns will be given to the policyholder during the survival/death as well.

ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plans): Under this plan, the sum assured will be paid, during the death of the policyholder, or when plan reaches the maturity stage.

Money Back Policy: A Unique life insurance product, where in you get payments periodically. If policyholder survives, the full term, he/she will receive amount. If policyholder dies, beneficiary will get the benefits.


The property consisting of various houses, buildings, flats, row houses, uncultivated flora and fauna is known as the Real Estate.

Examples of Real Estate:

  • Sites
  • House
  • Flat
  • Apartments
  • Rowhouses

Kinds of Real Estate:

Various kinds of the real estate are available in Bangalore. Some of the types of real estate are as follows:

Residential Real Estate: A unique land area used in making the houses, apartments, flats, condominiums, row houses, Dupleix and others. We offer detailed knowledge, spirit of enterprises, understanding local markets, access to lower and higher end residential projects in India.

Industrial Real Estate:  Under this scenario, the properties will be used for industrial purposes. Sounds simple, but it is huge and deals with small medium and the large scale industries in India. Most of them will consist of office and warehouse spaces.

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