Know – How many people in India have Health Insurance cover?

By | 19/10/2016

“Health is Wealth” it is been said since eternity. But how much of it do we really mean?

How many People In india are covered with a Health Insurance Plan to secure their health demands?

Report from the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence suggests that less than 18% of Indian population are under Health Insurance Cover, it constitutes just about one fifth of the total population of India. The research indiates that people who have not yet insured themselves under a Health Plan is either not aware of its benefits or is negligent towards his/her life.

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Benefits of Health Insurances

But here we have tried to give some of the common benefits associated with Health Insurance.

  • Hospitalization Expenses
  • Tax Benefits
  • Domicillary Expenses
  • Pre – and Post-Hospitalization
  • Cash less Mediclaims

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