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By | 30/05/2018
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Excuses!! People love giving excuses when they don’t want or don’t feel like doing something! Some are genuine while many are lame excuses. They just don’t realize how crucial travel insurance is.

Here are some pleas they offer!

I am skeptical if the insurer will pay me

You don’t trust him when in reality you can’t trust unforeseen circumstances. Ask people who have had to deal with unforeseen circumstances directly without travel insurances.

Not enough money

Insurance isn’t a luxury. It is very crucial for you, more like a financial necessity. This is true especially if you have children and dependents to take care of. If anything happens to you if you don’t have a travel insurance, your family will have to deal with emotional and financial struggle.

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I’ve lots of money inherited from my forefathers

Even then, you’ve to purchase travel insurance. You don’t want to struggle to access that money or spend all your fortune during sudden emergencies. Instead, you can possess travel insurance and let the insurance company pay for emergencies.

Eternally Youthful

“I’m still young! I am so energetic and healthy!” Quit living in a fool’s paradise and see the reality. You will grow old sooner or later. Every creature that is born, humans included, has to die eventually. Moreover, your health might decline when you’re traveling or you may get into an accident. Once you’re out of college, purchase insurance.


Emergencies will be double, triple or more than three times expensive than the travel insurance!! Moreover, travel insurance will cover your medical emergencies abroad. What’s more expensive, your life or some of your money for travel insurance?

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I possess a health insurance

Your health insurance works only in your home country, not abroad. Your travel insurance covers your medical emergencies abroad. That’s the contrast.

What can go wrong with me or my luggage?

Life is unpredictable and you never know what will happen the next instant. So it is wise to keep travel insurance with you.

These are some excuses people give to avert buying travel insurance. For more information visit www.moneymindz.com or give a missed call to 022-62116588

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