Investment Tips for Students

By | 24/09/2016


The transition from high school student to college student is a defining period of life, it can be confusing too because there are lot of difference in the roles and responsibilities of a high school student and a college student. Adapting to college is full of life lessons and the biggest lesson involves handling money. There are many financial decisions that you never have to make as long as you are a school student, everything will be taken care by your parents. They worry about how much to spend on housing, food, clothes, telephone bills, entertainment, etc. All these things will never cross the high school students mind. But college students gradually have to start handling all these things.Money management is an art that has to be developed over a period of time, it will not happen overnight. Smart money saving tactics can make a major impact on your finances and your future.

Tips to make your financial dealings more feasible

Here are some tips to make your financial dealings more feasible.

  • Plan our expenses and manage your finances according to that.
  • Keep aside a separate amount for things like entertainment, eating out, clothing, shopping, etc.
  • Organize your receipts, bills, bank statements, etc. by month and by category, this will help you to have a close eye on your spending.
  • Consider creative ways to save money. Bring lunches and snacks from home. Buy your text books and lab supplies second hand if possible.
  • There are many ways that students get in to debt. Education loan, Credit card are some of the reasons. So think twice before spending.
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