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By | 15/05/2018
International Family Day

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15th May is known as the International Day of Families.

Over the past few decades, families have changed in structure due to global trends and demographic changes. Nevertheless, Family is the basic unit of society still! The International Day of Families is celebrated to promote awareness of issues pertaining to families. This is to increase the knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting them. The United Nations, in the 1980’s, commenced focusing on issues related to families.


The 2018 International Day of Families, with the theme Families and inclusive societies, shall explore the role of families and family policies in advancing Sustainable Development Goal 16 to advocate peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

A Family is not only all about blood relations but also about Loyalty.

Your parents gave birth to you, raised you with all the love, care and affection they could provide you, sacrificed many things just to see you grow into this amazing person you are now, got you educated, taught you values and various other things, bought you things irrespective of whether they could afford it or not, and brought you up.

You may or may not have siblings. You may or may not have cousins. Those who have siblings and/or cousins will know how it feels like to share, trust, tease each other and maintain a special bond!

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After you began working, another person enters your life. That is your spouse with whom you’ll even have kids and together provide your kids with all that your parents provided you!

You might be halfway across the globe, but you remain united with them. They are your family. You love them, value them, appreciate them, help them and receive help from them. The family isn’t just genetics; it’s about your heart. Who is close to your heart defines family.

Without neglecting them, get together for reunions more frequently. This builds new relationships and social bonds known as cognitive reserve.

This is a global observance and not a public holiday. Every year, since 1995, people have been observing May 15th as International Day of Families.

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On this day, you can spend quality time with your family. Write down your feelings for each member of the family and instruct every one of them to write about each other including you. Read an interesting story loud enough so that the whole family assembles together and spends time. Go to a garden. Go to a picnic and have a nice time.

You don’t have t necessarily wait till International Families Day to spend time with your family. In fact, you can do it every day! Every night, at a set dinner time, all members have to assemble at the dining hall. Everyone has to sit at the dining table, keeping away all distractions such as cell phones, headphones and television. Everybody has to talk about their respective days, what they did from morning till night, where they went, whom they met and so on. Healthy debates and discussions have to be there. This was how things were in the past.

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You have to get your family insured against uncertainties. Your family’s health is your first priority. You never know when emergencies happen. When unpredictable circumstances come along, you need to be prepared to tackle it. The senior citizen may fall ill; your parents may get hospitalized. For such emergencies, with medical costs rising frequently, you ought to have health insurance. For free financial Advice visit or give a missed call to 022-62116588

Your children are growing up. They need to go for higher education. We know how much the cost of education is rising.  In order to pay those exorbitant rates, your children also have to be insured. You need money to pay not only for their education but also for their wedding. Child insurance comes to aid during such circumstances.

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