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By | 08/08/2018
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    Children and their innocence, cuteness and charms combined by naivety and lack of knowledge of the outside world, makes them the most desirable. Their life, education, dreams, aspirations, everything matters a lot. They are cute little angels who give us immense joy when they are with us.

You love your children[Child Insurance]. Rightly so. Have you saved for his/her further education[Education Loan]? Have you got him/her insured?

If your answer to these questions is “no”, you should do what the questions asked you if you had done. Begin saving for your kids future education. Insure your kid right now. [Get Personalized Advice On Child Insurance Visit]

Some of you have too many apprehensions. “Who will give us the desired insurance?” “Whom to trust?” Such other questions bother you. What most people do at this stage is one of the most ludicrous things they can possibly do. They take their own decisions without knowing head or tail of what they are doing! This is like jumping into ocean without knowing how to swim! They lose money inevitably and then blame fate and sometimes even markets.[Get Personalized Advice On Education Loan Visit]

Technology has advanced a lot in today’s world. In fact man has never stopped inventing and discovering newer things. There will always be more to invent and discover. We have taken one step closer to the future with the introduction of robots, driverless cars, algorithms, and what not.

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Moneymindz, India’s First On call Financial Advisory, has for the first time in India introduced a unique concept, Kuber Mindz. Kuber Mindz is a Robotic Financial Advisor and is very Friendly in nature.

He is an Interactive Financial Advisor and will listen to all your apprehension and doubts before giving unique suggestions to you. The solutions will be distinct to you and your situation alone. He can tell you why you need to take Insurance. He will guide you throughout the process too.

Now you might be wondering why a child’s insurance plan is necessary. If the insured child dies, his/her insurance money will cover the funeral costs and other costs. If the insured child loses his/her parents, the insurance company will take care of the insured child’s education till he/she is 18. In many cases, if the deceased parent(s) held any pending debt, the insurance company will clear those loans too.

Why should your kids’ education be hampered in case you are no longer around? Instead, get child Insurance so that your child’s education won’t come to an abrupt halt because of “unanticipated events”. Moreover, contacting Kuber Mindz is simple. Just visit and Kuber Mindz will be there. Ask your doubts, get them clarified, ask for details of child insurance and go buy one right now.

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