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By | 06/08/2018
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    With the rise in automobiles, more and more accidents are also taking place. More congestion, pollution and traffic is seen. With all this, it is pertinent to get auto insurance for your vehicle.

However, a considerable number of people don’t buy Auto Insurance at all. This is due to ignorance of the existence and importance of Auto Insurance and fear of losing money.

Consulting a Certified Financial Advisory is imperative. Many people, however, hesitate to do so because they don’t want to pay the high fees demanded. What they do instead is, take their own decisions and lose more money than they feared losing in the beginning!

To eradicate this problem, Moneymindz, India’s First On call Financial Advisory, has introduced a unique concept, Kuber Mindz.

Kuber Mindz is a Smart and Interactive Financial Advisor. He isn’t prone to biases, demanding hefty fees, etc. He is calm and patient. He listens to your queries and apprehensions carefully before offering you distinct solutions.


You won’t find a Friendlier Advisor anywhere, human or robot. You need not do much to contact Kuber Mindz. All you have to do is to visit while you sit at your desk. You will be shown Kuber Mindz with whom you can discuss.

Now, let us say you buy your first car or bike or scooter. A few days later, there is an accident involved and you need to get the vehicle repaired. In this scenario, if you already held an Automobile Insurance, the insurance company would pay for the repairs. Otherwise, you have to pay all by yourself.

Now, you may not want to talk to a Human Financial Advisor. That shouldn’t let you do it yourself. When Kuber Mindz is there for you, why not talk to him?

You can discuss all your apprehensions with him and he will guide you like a friend and a financial advisory. He isn’t biased and wont charge hefty fees.

All you have to do, after all, is to visit and you will find him right there! Don’t delay any longer. Visit Moneymindz now itself.

Stop by or give a missed call to 022-62116588.

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