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About Financial Products:

A financial product is a unique facility through which a person can make a financial investment, manage and control the risk, make non cash payments in a logical fashion. These are the mechanism helps a person to save, invest, go in for the insurance and mortgages. Most of the products are issued by the banks, stock firms, brokerage firms, credit card agencies and government assisted entities.

Kinds of Financial Products:

Various kinds of financial products are available and are branded according to the size, volatility, risk and returns. Some of the financial products that are available like the

Money Market Financial Products:

Financial products used in the money market consist of

Capital Market Financial Products:

Capital Markets has got various financial products available below as follows:

Fund Based Financial Products:

Some of the fund based financial products available in the markets would be

Charge Based Financial Products:

Various fee based financial products given below would consist of the following components.

Financial products relating to Banks:

Banks will have various financial products that are available like Corporate and retail segments. Under the corporate segment, would consist of the following like

Deposits Offered By The Bank:

Deposits offered by the bank would consist of the following

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