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Money is the main reason we take up the jobs and you need to value that hard earned money. Money can buy everything in the present scenarios and it is important to organize the money in a logical fashion. Every investment that goes in is the hard earned money by you and most of the investment carried out is very exceptional in nature. People in India are not planning their financial resources in a logical manner. At this juncture, the role of the financial advisor plays  important role in mobilizing your finances in a systematic and satisfactory manner.

Who is a Financial Advisor?

A financial advisor is a shrewd mathematician, having complete knowledge of financial concepts at his/her finger tips. Most of the professional financial advisor is appointed to keep the finance under control.

Role of the Financial Advisor

The role of financial advisors is a very challenging one. Many motivated employee strive for perfection. The experienced financial recruiters look for the people having good head on the shoulders, demonstrate personal balance, value men and women having a healthy mix of career and personal relationships.

Major role of the financial advisor is to assist the investor and analyze the capabilities of the individual. Taking the plan is not a short term, but a long term process. Financial Advisor need to implement the plan in an organized manner and the plan is offered depending on financial position of the customer.

The investor is a novice to the concept of financial planning and if the person feels that one time interaction will enhance the savings and give boost to the plan, is not correct. It is a continuous process.

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Furthermore, many feel that having good plan will immediately make them rich and famous, a theory common with all Indian middle class. These notions must be eliminated in the budding stage. Financial advisor plays a pivotal role in achieving the trust, the pillar of the long term financial relationship. It is said that one must not hide anything from Doctors, Engineers and Lawyers and Financial Advisors.

Evolution of financial advisors is very interesting.  Over the years, the term stock broker is replaced with financial consultant, later it became the wealth manager, and with the changes in the time, became financial advisor. During the 1980’s, financial advisors were not in the picture, thanks to the liberalization drive in the 90’s, financial advisors has become the most sought after profession. It has also become an association driven high-touch business taking place in the 21st century.

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