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Financial companies in India is creating great ripples and recruiting aspiring men and women for the challenging job of the financial advisor. Many financial planning companies are set up in India in small and big cities to cash in on the evergreen concept of financial planning. Various kinds of people are present in India ranging from teenagers, youth, adults, middle-aged persons, senior citizens and retired persons. Various people from various walks of life will approach the financial planning companies to save their hard earned money.

Importance Of Financial Planning:

Financial Planning is the modus operandi of having successful policies, steps, budgets and objectives in a logical fashion. Some of the main aspects of the financial planning are as follows:

  • Sufficient funds needs to be maintained in the account
  • Helps in having a reasonable balance between the inflow and the outflow of the funds
  • It also ensures that extension and augmentation programs help in the growth and development of individual/corporate.
  • Assists in eliminating the confusion relating to changing market situation and having stability

Functions Of Financial Companies:

Most of the financial companies in India revolve their activities around offering various financial functions in a logical fashion. Some of the financial functions done by the financial companies are given below as follows:

1.Investment Assessment:

Some of the major investment decisions done by various financial companies are to distribute the finance for long term assets. It is known as the capital budgeting and is good in order to achieve the maximum returns for the future. The major aspects of the Investment Decisions are given below as follows:

  • Understanding the scope of new investment
  • Comparing the cut off rate against new investment
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2.Financial Judgments:

Financial companies undertake strong financial judgment and this is done with the help of financial advisor/expert. They make wise decisions in acquiring the business funds. A proper balance between Income and expenditure has to be maintained in a logical fashion. It is known as the capital structure. A solid financial structure plays a vital role in improving the shareholder’s return with the minimum risk involved.

3.Liquidity Judgments:

The major aspect of financial company is centered on avoiding the bankruptcy. Profit factor of the company is related to undertaking investment in assets. Current asset/property of the corporation should be properly valued and disposed in a logical fashion, once they are non profitable. Current assets must be used during bankruptcy.

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