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Everybody loves to travel and Indians are excellent travellers.    Insurance, available in order to cover the trip cancellation and medical expense, financial loss is known as the Travel Insurance.

Details Covered By The Travel Insurance Companies In India

Travel insurance in India consists of various details like

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Death During The Accident
  • Flight Accident
  • Lost Bags
  • Super Customer Service
  • Cancellation Of Trip
  • Travel Protection
  • Safety Rules
  • Major Medical Reasons
  • Medical emergency and needs to travel abroad
  • Travel and Medical Reasons
  • Extra Coverage

Advantages Of The Travel Insurance Plans:

Travel Insurance is gaining prominence in India and has various advantages:

  • Helps to reach any corner of the world without any hurdles
  • Provides 24 hours treatment
  • Travel insurance helps to overcome your unwanted accommodation, travel costs
  • Good travel insurance helps to offer proper cover for travelling partner
  • They make sure misuse of debit/credit card does not take place by blocking the card
  • Good reimbursement of travel cheques, documents take place if lost/stolen during the trip
  • They cover cost of your pets like cats/dogs, if you are returning after long time
  • Agencies handling travel insurance will pay for rentals, at the time, when you hire car and gets stolen

Types Of Travel Insurance:

Some of the details of the travel insurance are given below as follows:

National Travel Insurance:  These kind of travel insurance is ideal for people willing to travel anywhere in India. It is good for the people from 18 years to 65 years, and offers protection against loss of tickets, flight delays and others.

International Travel Insurance: People living outside the nation, there is international travel insurance available. Ideal for offering coverage against luggage lost, baggage loss, loss of vital travel documents and accommodation issues in foreign nations. Extreme circumstances like the terrorist attacks, higher-end medical problems, dental costs, baggage loss and lot others are covered.

Student Travel Insurance: Mostly, the students travel from India to other nations for completing their education/higher studies. They also go to other nations in search of good quality jobs. Travel insurance companies offer excellent service in the form of

  • Maximum Trips Per Policy
  • Sponsor Protection
  • 2 Way Compassionate Visit
  • Protection During Trips
  • Study Interruptions
  • Medical Check ups
  • Exclude Pre Existing Diseases
  • Physical Check Up
  • Handling Lost Baggage’s
  • Lost Passports

Travel Insurance is not eligible during various situations like

  • Missing the trains/flights due to political unrest
  • Pre-existing diseases
  • Unnecessary expenses incurred
  • You forgot to board the flight/train for no reason
  • Change of plan to travel just minutes before travel

Indians love to travel a lot and has got good travel insurance will be the ultimate protection for any traveller going out from India.


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