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The insurance available to secure a person against any kind of disaster/accidents is known as the Accidental Insurance. India is always prone to accidents and approx 400 people die per day. Hence Accidental Insurance is here to stay.

Accidental Insurance Importance:

Accidental Insurance is the major part of any insurance and cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, the people do not have clear knowledge about the need for accidental insurance.  

You must browse the details regarding the accidental insurance plans, and select the accidental insurance plans in a systematic manner.

We take insurance cover to protect our families, and do use it to cover against accidents and untoward incidents.  If you look at newspapers in India, there is lot of accidents taking place. People lose their lives and some of them become disabled for life. Accident big or small, can wipe out your hard earned savings.

Advantages of Accidental Insurance:

Accidental Insurance comes with various helpful features like:

  • Covers Various Accidents: Good Insurance policy covers various accident types, ranging from minor to major. Falling from bicycle, getting hit by car can be handled by good accidental insurance.
  • Superb Premium Rates:  A fine accidental insurance is armed with reasonable premium rates.
  • Spectacular Coverage: A good accidental insurance is excellent in giving fine coverage against partial and full disability to the policyholder.
  • Hospitalization Benefits: A superb accidental insurance is good in offering great hospitalization benefits to the policyholder. The patient has to be hospitalized at least, for 24 hours in normal situations and maximum for 7 days.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Major aspect of the accidental insurance plan deals with covering accidental death, temporary and permanent disability.
  • Cover Influenced By Profession: One can have various kinds of accidental insurance, as long as you can pay premium on regular basis. Coverage of the person solely influenced by profession, grade and the salary he/she receives.
  • Exciting Add-ons: Great Accidental Insurance policy has exciting features available. In case of parent’s death, the benefits will automatically go to the children.
  • Super Fast Settlement: Most of the accidental insurance in India, believes in faster claims processing. This helps the policyholder to get benefits as soon as possible.
  • Awesome Renewals: An accidental insurance encourages plan renewals on an yearly basis. Retention team of insurance companies are doing a spectacular job in encouraging the existing policyholders to renew their accidental insurance cover.
  • Designed For All Purpose: Finest accidental insurance coverage is ideal for any geographical locations. You can use your accidental insurance coverage anywhere. Better to be very safe, than feeling sorry. After all it is your life.

Disadvantages of Accidental Insurance:

Accidental insurance comes with disadvantages like:

  • Does Not Cover Everything: Accidental Insurance is a very tricky kind of Insurance and unfortunately do not cover everything
  • Not Effective Payout: Most of the payouts are not done on time and hence, one cannot say that accident insurance is good.
  • Not So Simple: Unfortunately, the terms and conditions of accidental insurance is not simple. One needs to comprehend the meaning of the terms and conditions in a proper manner.
  • Very Costly: Most of the accidental insurance claims are costly and comes with huge price tag. Greater the coverage, greater the premium to be paid and hence policyholder will suffer.
  • Only Against Accidents: Most of the accidental insurance is tailored to protect only against the accidents. However, the fatalities occur due to life threatening diseases.

Exclusions Of Accidental Insurance:

Accidental Insurance comes with various exclusions and some of them are as under:

  • Senior Citizens above 70 Years of age
  • Self Inflicted wounds and injuries
  • Drugs and Alcohol Influence
  • Participating in sports like skydiving, professional diving, and polo and having accidents
  • Dead or getting critically injured in Army/Navy/Air-force
  • Accidents taking place outside India
  • Disease arising 24 hours after the accident
  • Injury caused due to weak legs, polio, and other pre-existing diseases not covered

So, what are you waiting for? Call the nearest Accident Insurance Advisor and take the best plan.

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