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By | 09/08/2018
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      Investing in the correct financial product is one of the most common challenges every individual face and fails to overcome due to lack of a proper financial guidance. People hope for a better future regarding their wealth but are not able to implement out of confusions and doubts regarding financial matters. This familiar concern found in every individual comes to an end now as a financial advisor company named MoneyMindz comes with an exclusive concept. MoneyMindz, First Free Online Financial Advisory Company launched India’s First Interactive Financial Advisor, Kuber Mindz which will guide you with every single financial product and its concerns. The latest financial advisor, Kuber Mindz will help you in making the right investment decision leading to huge profit and returns.

We can often see that people make the wrong financial decisions and end up suffering in huge financial loss. This takes place due to lack of financial knowledge and awareness among every individual. Investing in the right financial product can contribute a good amount of wealth to any individual. Kuber Mindz, friendly financial advisor will contribute a great amount of confidence in every person to be aware of investment planning, policies and procedures leading to maximum profit and returns from any financial investments. Get Personalized Advice on Investment From Kuber Mindz.

Investment can be termed as an asset intended to produce income or capital gains. It consist of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, interest-bearing accounts, land, derivatives, real estate, artwork, old comic books, anything an investor believes will produce income or become worth more. An individual must plan his future well to ensure happiness for himself as well as his immediate family members. Investment implies the production of new capital goods, plants and equipments. It is a conscious act of an individual or an entity that involves deployment of money in securities or assets issued by any financial institution with a view to obtain the target returns over a specified period of time.

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Investing in the correct financial product ensures all your dreams turn into reality and make you enjoy life to the fullest without any worries about the future. It ensures you save for rainy days and makes your future secure. An individual’s spending pattern can be controlled by investing deciding how and what amount one should spend so that he has sufficient money for future. Investing the money that you save allows your money to grow to a larger sum. Investing your money into treasury or municipal bonds, certificates of deposit and savings accounts builds wealth slowly over the course of time. Free Online Financial Planning Advisory India, Kuber Mindz

Types of Investing:

Various types of investment are available to make the right choice-

1. Autonomous Investment:

This investment remains constant irrespective of income level. That means even if the income is low, the autonomous investment remains the same. It refers to the investment made on houses, roads, public buildings and other parts of infrastructure. The Government normally makes such a type of investment.

2. Induced Investment:

Induced investment is positively related to the income level. At high levels of income entrepreneurs are induced to invest more and vice-versa. At a high level of income, consumption expenditure increases and leads to an increase in investment of capital goods, in order to produce more consumer goods.

3. Financial Investment:

The money used for purchasing existing financial instruments such as old bonds, old shares, etc cannot be considered as financial investment, money invested for buying of new shares and bonds as well as debentures have a positive impact on employment level, production and economic growth.

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4. Real Investment: Real Investment is new machine tools, plant and equipment’s purchased factory buildings etc. increases employment, production and economic growth of the nation. Thus real investment has a direct impact on employment generation, economic growth etc.

5. Planned Investment:

This investment can be called as Intended Investment because an investor while making investment makes a concrete plan of his investment.

6. Unplanned Investment:

In this type of investment, investors make investment randomly without making any concrete plans. Hence it can be called as an unplanned investment. Under this type of investment, the investor may not consider the specific objectives while making an investment decision.

7. Gross Investment:

This investment is the total expenditure made on new capital assets in a period.

8. Net Investment: A part of investment is meant for depreciation of the capital asset or for replacing a worn out of capital asset. As a result it must be deducted to arrive at net investment.

It is never too late to become an investor. Despite of any age group you can plan for a good investment plan with the help of your own Interactive financial advisor, Kuber Mindz and look forward for the best investment plan. Without any person interruption, Kuber Mindz allows every person to communicate directly and clear all the doubts regarding any financial product where he/she would like to invest and attain maximum benefit out of it. MoneyMindz, Free Financial and Investment Assistance Company is hoping to provide financial literacy to every individual of our nation and broaden the horizons leading to a positive change in the society.

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