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By | 01/04/2019


      Do you finish spending your money by the middle of the month? Is it challenging to keep a track on your spending and there is no sign of saving? Have you ever wondered how people manage to save?  MoneyMindz, First Free Online Financial Advisors says that income is divided into three major parts; expenses, luxury and saving. But most of us focus on the first two parts and unfortunately ignores the third one. But you should be aware of the fact that saving is essential for your plans as well as financial stability.

Here are some amazing easy tips which will help you save your money efficiently:

Keeping a record of your expenses

One of the common mistakes which we all do on our daily basis is not keeping a record of your expenses. This is the reason why sometimes we spend more than our budget and stand empty-handed in the middle of the month. As we don’t maintain our expenses, so we have no idea where our money went resulting in identifying the factors where we are spending even it is not necessary at all.

You can take a personal journal and start writing your day to day weekly and monthly expenses so that you are aware of where your income is going.

Making your monthly and yearly budget

Remember this point, if you don’t make a budget, you will never be able to save in your life. It is vital to understand that you need to make a realistic budget according to the expenses you have earlier recorded. All you need to do is take some portion of your income for savings. Decide how much you can save easily and at the end it’s all about self-control.

Making a saving plan

 If you write your saving amount on the piece of paper, it won’t be enough. You will have to make an entire plan for it. For example, how much will you save per month and how much it will become at the end of the year? You will be motivated when you see a significant amount. This will help you stick to your plan as well as save for it. As a result your plan will tame your mind how important is to save and how much you must have sending without actually knowing it.

Set a target to save for

You should know that saving is just not motivating enough but you need to set and determine what are you saving for? It could be your house, car, college fees, family, retirement etc. There will be endless possibilities for you in order to enjoy and that is why you need to make sure that you save for it. After setting a target for yourself, it is much easier for you to save money for it.

Deciding and making a list of your priorities

Spending randomly is one of the common things which we do. We feel no issue at the time of spending but when we spend all the money, we regret later. This is the reason if you want to start saving you have to control your spending as well; as a result you need to make a list of your priorities. It will certainly help you decide where your money should go and what the places you are overspending it are and reduce it from there. But also preference can vary from person to person and family to family and can be changed according to liking or any other factors.

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