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By | 26/07/2018
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     Investors naturally want to make money, be it in stocks or anywhere else. Some people think that putting money in a savings account is sufficient but that’s not enough. To make more money, you have to invest in stocks and bonds. Easier said than done. That’s why we have provided some easy tips on how to make money in stocks.

1. Get rid of herd mentality

If there is something most of us have to shun, it is herd mentality. Herd mentality is so harmful that it can cost you your time, money, and everything. Purchasing or selling a stock should not depend on what others tell you to do or what others themselves do. Investing in a particular stock because someone invested and got high returns or because somebody advised you to invest in a particular stock is utter folly and a recipe for disaster. You will end up with large loss.

2. Be disciplined and pragmatic

Discipline is of utmost importance wherever you go and whatever you do. You have to invest systematically and have patience while investing and waiting for returns. Your expectations have to be realistic, not fanciful. Do not live in a bubble. See what practically works out.

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3. Don’t be driven by emotions

Many people are emotional in nature. That’s why politicians find it easy to manipulate them. In finance, your emotions should be left behind. Use your rationale and leave your emotions behind. Your greed, sorrow, fear, etc. will only make you take incorrect decisions and lose money faster.

4. Research thoroughly before investing

Before investing in stocks or anywhere, ensure you thoroughly research the same. It provides vital know-how of market trend, stocks, etc.

5. Diversify your portfolio across assets

Diversification of assets is imperative. Like the old adage, do not store all your apples in one basket. If you do so, you will lose all assets in case something goes awry.

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