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By | 11/08/2018

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     You may have some personal needs or may want to do some personal activities. Carrying out personal hobbies might be something you want to do. It could be financing your child’s foreign education, child’s wedding, medical costs that are unforeseen, etc. But lack of money is what pushes away most people from fulfilling such dreams.

It could be due to ignorance, fear or mistrust. Maybe they distrust someone or something. Whatever it is, the one thing common in these people is that they are all blissfully unaware of reality.

You can get a Loan Against Property (LAP). It means you can take a loan against the mortgage of property. The loan would be provided as a particular percentage of the market value of the property. Get Personalized Advice On Loan Against Property From Kuber Mindz

No, getting loan against property doesn’t mean your property will never be returned to you. It means you can get back your property if you repay the loan amount within the set time frame. Sadly, not many folks are aware of these things.

In this age of technology too, people aren’t 100% aware of everything. That’s not possible, but basic things should be known at least, such as finance, etc.

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Nowadays, technology has advanced so much that we see driverless cars, robots serving food at restaurants and automated robotic advisors. This is an example of mankind’s curiosity and creativity combined with knowledge and talent. One can be sure that this will take us a long way.

There are many people who are financially unaware. They become easy targets to cheating. They are vulnerable to all kinds of frauds committed against them. Such people need to be financially literate so that they don’t get cheated.

Moneymindz, India’s First On call Financial Advisory is glad to announce something innovative, Kuber Mindz! He isn’t Human! He isn’t biased. He doesn’t charge huge amounts of money.

Kuber Mindz is unbiased in nature and will answer all your questions. He is calm and patient. He will listen to your apprehensions and offer you solutions that are unique to your problems and situation. You will not find a Friendlier Financial Advisor anywhere else.

We see that technology is advancing fast. What was new has now become old. AI, if used the right way, can be beneficial to us.

Kuber Mindz will answer all your genuine finance doubts. Just contact him and you will know.

You don’t have to be of a particular age to contact him. You won’t find it hard to reach him too. All you have to do is visit and he will be right there!

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