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By | 27/07/2018
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    During market crashes and unfavorable times for Mutual Funds, many investors panic and consult their Financial Advisers on advice for exiting the mutual funds and selling their stocks. Many Financial Advisers have one thing to say in common “If you are so scared of losing all money now, why did you fail to check your risk profile and your portfolio earlier?”

When their investments begin losing value over time, investors consider selling their investments. Now, what makes them buy those in the first place if they can’t handle so much risk? [Get your Personalized Advice On Mutual Funds Visit ]

They want to stop their Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in many schemes. Advisers believe these investors don’t possess a risk appetite for volatile schemes. Such investors should not opt for small cap funds as they’re more risky. It is always recommended that investors invest in schemes which are in line with their risk appetite. Before investing, have a look at how much risk you can handle. Do not jump into the water before you judge its depth.

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Some investors are meant to invest in small cap funds, some in midcap funds, some in large cap funds, some in equities, and some in stocks and so on. Always remember, if your portfolio scares you or makes you nervous of losing money, then you are over estimating your risk profile.  [India Best Free on-call Home Insurance Advisory – MoneyMindz]

Always know how much investment risk you can handle. Do you need money within five years? Or can you wait for a longer period?

That’s why it is important to start this early and make no haste. A person, who is earning income, has to sit down and make a budget first. Calmly analyze your monthly income and monthly expenditure. Calculate your average spending from a few months of expenses and note that down. Note down your savings and investments. Here you have to decide how much more to save and how much to invest. Only when you have the habit of saving, you can invest. If you have already saved up some money, get it prepared for investment.

Chart down your financial goals along with time frame. Keep an emergency fund with at least six to twelve months of your monthly income. Start a Free Online Retirement Planning Financial Advisory Portal account and begin investing for retirement (remember that mere savings will not fetch you a comfortable retirement. You have to invest). Similarly, divide all your goals into short term, midterm and long term goals. Short term goals can be attained within 3 years, midterm goals can be attained from 3 to 5 years while long term goals take more than 5 years to be attained. [Free on-call Business-Insurance Advisory – MoneyMindz]

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Once you have done all this, analyze your risk profile. Don’t blindly jump and start investing. See how much risk you can handle for each goal and in general. After you have analyzed it, consult a financial adviser (First Free Online Financial Advisers). Talk to him/her and reveal your budget to him/her. A Good financial adviser(Free Financial and Investment Assistance) should be able to go through your budget (provided it is up to date and honest) and advise you what suits good for you exclusively. Nowadays you can find many financial advisers(India Best Free on-call Business-Insurance Advisory) on your fingertips. All you have to do is have a good internet connection. Don’t delay any longer. Visit or give a missed call to 022-62116588

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