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By | 24/09/2018

You are distinct and unlike other investors. You want to invest in something different and like equity fund investing as you get more exposure there. India’s First Free Online Financial Advisory says that if you are a patient individual, are fond of taking calculated risks and venturing into new avenues, contra funds suit you the most.

In case you are wondering, Contra is short for contrarian. It is an equity oriented growth scheme and generates wealth appreciation from a diverse portfolio of equity.

What are contra funds, anyway?

Contra Funds are funds having a different investment style. They belong to the equity category of mutual funds and are known for its contrarian style of investing. Contra Funds invest in shares of unpopular companies or those not favored by investors at that point of rime. India’s First Free on call Financial Advisory Moneymindz discusses that the fund manager bets against the current trend of the market by purchasing under performing assets that gave the potential to grow in future.

With the help of Smart Financial Advisor, Kuber Mindz you can learn that the fund manager focuses on investing against the prevailing market trend in assets that are performing poorly, and selling them when they perform well.

Why did Contra Funds come into existence in the first place?

Pragmatic Financial Advisor, Kuber Mindz says that Contra Funds came with the idea that “Herd Mentality” followed by investors could be utilized which will create chances for generating long term returns.

Features of Contra Funds

  1. Doesn’t follow the herd
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Contra Funds are like saints, reformers, inventors and entrepreneurs. They go their individual way and prove their worth to the entire investing world.

  1. Takes risk

More risk, more returns. This is how contra funds function.

  1. New concept

The concept of Contra Funds is a relatively new concept. So this might take time for more people to know and follow this method in larger numbers.

Merits of Contra Funds

  1. You don’t need to keep up with the Joneses

Contra funds go against the general way. It takes a risk to show its worth. It would be exciting to be in contra funds.

  1. Adventurous

Contra funds are adventure oriented. They don’t go the same way everyone else goes.

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