Construct or Acquire a Home with Home Loan

By | 27/09/2018

Purchasing or procuring a house is everyone’s dream nowadays. Everybody wants to own a house these days and so do you. But buying or building a house is not in the budget or affordability to every individual. But that shouldn’t deter you from your dream of owning a house. Thus, India’s First Free Online Financial Advisory Moneymindz advice you to finance the purchase of your house by taking a Home Loan.

What is Home Loan?

Home Loan is a loan that you take in order to finance buying or building a house. In other words, Home Loan means debt that you acquire or money that you borrow so as to finance your house purchase or construction. India’s Best Free Online Home Loan Financial Advisory Portal Moneymindz advice you not to delay further as rates would increase if you wait. Instead take a Home Loan and pay EMI till the completion of the term.

A loan acquired from a bank or financial institution so as to purchase a home will come in handy as a good number of people lack the cash funds to pay for a home outright. They can get a Home Loan and pay for the new house.

Features of Home Loans

  1. Interest rates come as fixed and variable

If interest rate is variable, it will change, resulting in the change of repayment too. If the interest rate is fixed, there is certainty of repayment. India’s First Free On call Financial Advisory Moneymindz

  1. Term

The shorter the term the quicker you repay the home loan with lesser interest over then term. Terms usually go up to 30 years for Home Loans.

  1. You can also buy or build in rural areas
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Under rural housing finance scheme offered by some banks/financial companies, you are given the option to buy or build houses in rural areas with the given loan!

Merits of Home Loans

  1. Build or buy your dream house without procrastination

No more procrastinating your decision to build or buy your dream house. Go for it now with the help of Home Loan. India’s First Free On call Financial Advisory Moneymindz

  1. Tenure goes up to 360 months

Your loan tenure can go up to a time period of 3 decades! But that shouldn’t make you lazy and make payments slowly. Try to clear the loan as soon as possible.

  1. Have the pleasure of calling yourself “owner”

You own the house so you can finally call yourself the “owner” of the house built or bought by you!

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