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By | 24/08/2018

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     A Systematic Investment Plan is an investment vehicle which mutual funds offer to investors. This allows them to invest tiny portions of money periodically rather than lump sums. This can be done weekly, monthly or quarterly.

A fixed amount of money is debited by investors in a bank account and is invested in a specified mutual fund. As per the current NAV (Net Asset Value), the investor is offered a number of units so that the investor gets more units each time a sum is invested.

One must note here that SIP and mutual funds are not synonyms. There are people who think that SIP is nothing but mutual funds. Moneymindz, India’s First Free On call Financial Advisory

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The difference is that a SIP helps you invest regularly in a mutual fund scheme, mainly equity fund schemes.

You should invest in SIP because it helps you invest a set amount of money rather than worry about market trends and performances while doing nothing. You just need to invest a minimum of Rs 500.

Sadly, not many people are aware of this. Hence they remain ignorant about this and miss out on the chances of making money. Otherwise, they trust cheats and get cheated. That’s why Moneymindz has come up with a solution.

Moneymindz, India’s First Free Online Financial Advisory has come up with a new initiative, Kuber Mindz, Smart Financial Advisor.

He is not only calm and unbiased but will clarify all your doubts patiently. He is Artificial Intelligence and you don’t have to hesitate to ask him anything.  He offers practical solutions that are unique to you and your circumstances.

Artificial Intelligence has become widespread now and has entered India too. We see driverless cars, robots serving food at restaurants and automated advisors online. We are glad to see this trend emerging in India.

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With this new initiative taken by Moneymindz for the first time in India, people can easily benefit. Instances of people getting cheated due to lack of financial awareness will reduce.

In order to visit him, all you need to do is visit and he will be right there. You need not be of any particular age to ask him anything. You don’t have to be worried about being too young or too old to ask him your doubts.

You can ask him what a SIP is, why it is imperative, how to open it, etc. He will provide you with the relevant answers.

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