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By | 09/08/2018
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      Technology has become widespread today. So much so that it has become hard to imagine a life without your smartphone without which you cannot pay your bills or do online shopping or book a movie ticket or order some food or play some music or even set up an alarm. India Best Free on-call Business-Insurance Advisory, Kuber Mindz

Man loves experimenting new things and exploring new things. Exploration has led to discoveries and experiments have led to inventions. This has been evident even when humanity discovered fire and invented the wheel for the first time!

We have gone closer to the future with robots serving restaurants, driver less cars and so on. This is good because man has been growing while he invents and discovers newer things. Robotic Financial Advisors have also been introduced now. Artificial Intelligence is our future now.

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A Fixed Deposit is one of the most trusted savings options in India. A Financial Instrument given by banks and Financial Institutions providing investors a higher rate of interest when compared to a savings account up to a given certain date, Fixed Deposit is also called “Term Deposit and Time Deposit”.

They are popular due to the fact that they are safe investment avenues. That’s understandable. We want more and more people to go for Fixed Deposits. You can save your money and also receive higher interest compared to Savings Accounts.

Sadly, there are some people who aren’t well informed about Fixed Deposits and believe in false information about the same. Such people are naive and are easily deceived by cheats who take money from such innocent people for their greedy purposes. This ignorance and deceiving acts should come to a halt! Get Personalized Advice On Fixed Deposit From Kuber Mindz

While some people trust those cheats, some others take financial decisions and risks on their own without any expert guidance! This results in them losing all their money! This ignorance too should end! Some are even afraid of high fees and getting cheated by some financial advisers.

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That’s why Moneymindz, India’s First Free Online On call Financial Advisory Portal has done something unique. Kuber Mindz, an Interactive Financial Advisor is being introduced for the first time in India by Moneymindz!

Kuber Mindz is a Smart Financial Advisor in India who is calm and friendly. He isn’t biased, doesn’t provide deceitful information, and doesn’t charge high fees. Mostly, he isn’t human! He is Artificial Intelligence!

You can, without hesitation, visit him and ask him all your doubts. He will be glad to clarify them for you. He listens to your unique case and provides solutions that are unique to you and your situation.

You can ask him what a Fixed Deposit is, why people invest there, in what way it is different from Savings Account, etc. You don’t have to go anywhere to meet him. Just pay a visit to and he will be right there.

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